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Brief Description of De-Addiction

De-Addiction products are used when someone is trying to stop their addiction to certain harmful substances like alcohol or cigarettes. As quitting these things can be hard to do on your own, de-addiction tablets and alcohol de-addiction products help you in your goal of stopping these harmful habits. With medical and ayurvedic help, de-toxifying and quitting from such things becomes easier when using de-addiction products.

What Are De-Addiction Products Used For?

De-addiction products are taken on a daily or weekly basis, often in tablet or powder form for several weeks or months. This acts as a booster to help you during the time you’re trying to quit alcohol, smoking or other substances. In some cases, you get concentrated drops that should be used in a glass of water when you drink it. A few de-addiction products also work by reducing withdrawal symptoms due to quitting, for example, quitting smoking might lead to restlessness and irritability. While rehabilitation centres use therapy and prescription drugs to help with de-addiction in alcohol de-addiction treatment, non-prescription tablets can also be used in certain situations.

Types of De-Addiction Products

  • Alcohol De-Addiction: These come in tablet or droplet form, and are aimed at reducing cravings for alcohol. In some cases, they may also cause a negative reaction (example: nausea) when alcohol de-addiction ayurvedic medicine is taken.
  • Smoking/Tobacco De-Addiction: For tobacco-related addiction, there are many cigarette de-addiction products available, as well as helping with other tobacco products addiction.
  • General De-Addiction: Ayurvedic products that are aimed at helping you deal with de-addiction in general, and help you when you’re attempting to quit some harmful substance.

Top De-Addiction Brands and their USP’s

Dee-Quit Silver produces the popular formulation powder that can be added even to meals and dishes, it is aimed at de-addiction from alcohol and smoking. Nicotex tablets are also popular for those who want to quit smoking but need additional help. Nixit, Nicogum and 2baconil are some of the other brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Do de-addiction products have side-effects?

Yes, depending on the particular type and strength of the de-addiction product you are using, there might be side effects. Some products, however, do not have side effects so please read the pack for more details.

Are all de-addiction products medical?

No, most ayurvedic de-addiction products are supplemental but some prescription drugs used in de-addiction are medical and require a doctor's prescription.

How often do I need to take the tablet/powder formula?

As there are many types of de-addiction products, the frequency depends on each product. Some products can be taken daily, some only rarely, hence it is important to read all instructions on the product label.

Can de-addiction pills help with withdrawal symptoms?

Yes, some de-addiction pills can also help with withdrawal symptoms.
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