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If you or any family member like your parents, grandparents, spouse or anyone you care deeply about is suffering from diabetes, you must have a glucometer and associated accessories handy for regular checking. A blood glucose monitoring kit is extremely handy for diabetic patients because it is easy to use, portable and eliminates the need to visit diagnostic centres to get regular blood tests. Now, you can buy lancets and other blood glucose monitoring essentials at PharmEasy at great prices and get your order delivered to your home or workplace effortlessly without having to run around pharmacies in your city.Browse through a wide selection of lancets on the PharmEasy app and purchase the one that suits your requirement.

What is a Lancet used for? / Why are Lancets Important?

A lancet is a small device that is used to prick your finger to take blood to test. Diabetic patients use a lancet and a blood glucose monitor device to check blood glucose levels at home. Regular testing can help in the management of diabetes symptoms.Lancets are commonly made disposable since they are suitable for one-time use. A person can own a lancet device that contains multiple disposable lancets. To use this accessory, the patient needs to swab their finger with an alcohol swab. Then, with the help of a lancet placed in a pen-like lancing device, pressure is applied to the finger.

Types of Lancets

  • There are mainly two types of lancets that you will find on the market at the time of purchase and these are traditional lancets and Pip lancets.
  • Traditional Lancets: A traditional lancet comes with a moulded piece of plastic with a round cap. Below the round cap, one can find a needle that can be exposed by simply twisting off the round plastic cap. Lancets are tiny plastic cylinders comprising a sterile steel needle within the device. The lancet device pokes a small hole within the skin of the finger to pick up a small blood sample and get a test done. A traditional lancet can be used on its own to jab the finger and draw out a drop of blood for the test. But a traditional lancet can cause a bit of pain.
  • Pip Lancet: A pip lancet is more commonly found in hospitals and clinics but is now available to practically everyone. Pip lancets are two-in-one device that is made for single use. It removes about 80% of the steps that need to be followed in the case of traditional lancets. The body of a Pip lancet features a pre-loaded needle located within the device and a twist-off cap. Pip lancets are compatible with all types of blood glucose monitoring devices. Moreover, these are two-in-one products that eliminate the need to adjust with other lancing devices and accessories.

Top Lancets brands and USPs

Some of the top lancet brands that are purchased on the PharmEasy app are as follows:Accu Chek: Accu chek is a leading brand name when it comes to selling blood glucose monitoring kits and accessories in India. The brand name has been in the business for more than four decades and its one and only goal has been to help diabetic patients track as accurately as possible their blood glucose levels and manage blood sugar to lead a healthy life.One Touch: One Touch has also been in the industry for around 40 years and they are known for providing quality blood sugar testing at home products to diabetic patients. The brand is known globally for its unwavering dedication to improving the life of diabetics and more than 20 million patients depend on the brand to help regulate their diabetes.Dr Trust: Dr Trust is another popular brand commonly preferred by customers. The product comes in a set of test strips and lancets for ease of use. The product sold by Dr Trust reduces the risk of contagion and can be used effortlessly to test blood glucose levels at home. Their product comes equipped with features like ketone alert and strip injection.Now buy lancets from the best brands online at PharmEasy in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Usually, lancets are designed for single use to reduce the risk of contagion. But there are certain lancet holders that are designed to be used more than once when used for the same person.

question 2

It is not recommended to use a lancet device more than one time. You must consult with your healthcare provider before doing the same.

question 3

To disinfect the total lancing device, you must follow certain steps:· Wash hands with water and soap firstly· Wipe the lancet with a soft (disinfectant) cloth· Wipe the inside of the cap· Dry the lancing device with gauze or a soft cotton cloth

question 4

  • Yes, lancets can expire. You must check the data on the back of the package to find out the same.
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