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Air mattresses are inflatable mattresses made of PVC or urethane plastic with textile reinforcement or rubber, inflated by blowing into a valve manually or using an electric pump. From their initial days as a stow-away bed or mattress and a floating mat, air mattresses have evolved into a product with manifold uses and benefits. These include medical and healthcare applications. In India, PharmEasy offers you the opportunity to buy different varieties of air mattresses online at attractive discounts with doorstep delivery.

What is an air mattress used for?

Air mattresses have great use for people with certain orthopaedic problems. Lying down for long hours on a hard mattress may lead to injuries to the skin and underlying tissue from prolonged pressure on the soft tissues. These are known as bedsores. Air mattresses provide relief through air motions and patterns that stop pressure build-ups, adjusting to specific parts of the individual body prone to pressure build-up. Air pressure gets redistributed over larger areas and prevents bedsores. In extremely cold conditions, air mattresses are enabled with electric heating for comfort.

Why are air mattresses important?

People who are bedbound and are unable to adjust their positioning or are required to spend a lot of time sitting in a single position without mobility are at risk of pressure injuries. The risk is more for the elderly due to their fragile skin. The use of air mattresses benefits by relieving and redistributing the pressure on the body. The air-filled sacs within the mattress enable you to move your body comfortably as if floating on air. You get a good night’s sleep, a very important factor for your health.

Types of air mattresses

  • Alternating air flow mattresses – This type of mattress, with a pump attached for control of airflow through inflation and deflation, is beneficial for patients with bedsores.
  • Hybrid air mattresses – These combine the foam and alternating airflow types, delivering dual benefits for patients at high risk of developing bedsores.
  • You will be able to shop for all types of air mattresses at an attractive price online at PharmEasy.

Top air mattress brands available at PharmEasy:

  • Gibson: Specifically designed for bed-ridden patients, this mattress is sure to provide comfort to the elderly. The mattress is made in a tabular form from waterproof material for people with bed sores and back pain.
  • Control D: These bubble mattresses, with a durable, quiet, heavy-duty pump, inflate and deflate alternately, providing support and comfort and helping improve circulation for weak or immobilised patients.
  • Easycare: This brand is renowned for quality healthcare products. Their anti-decubitus, fine bubble mattresses are made of medical-grade PVC. They are CE-approved as energy efficient and are free of vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Air mattresses are specially designed to reduce long-term fixed pressure at the same position of a patient's body in order to reduce the risk of bedsores.

question 2

Air mattresses may reduce the risk of and help recover from bedsores, alleviate some types of back pain, provide sleeping comfort and thus promote good health.

question 3

There may be a rupture at the seams if the mattress is filled to capacity every time. It is recommended that air mattresses be blown to about 90% capacity for comfortable maximisation.

question 4

  • Most single air mattresses would specify a weight of about 120 kg in India. One must check the manufacturer’s instructions before using.
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