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The humble talcum powder has been a staple on almost every person’s grooming kit since ancient times. However, the popularity of talcum powder seems to be slipping lately as more products, such as body mists and perfumes, are being introduced. Despite this, talcum powder's importance and soothing properties cannot be ignored. There's a huge range of talcum powders available online at PharmEasy. Choose from your favourite brands and get them delivered to you anywhere in India.

What is talcum powder used for?

  • This affordable cosmetic product boasts a number of benefits, some of these benefits include:
  • Ease chaffing: The chafing on your feet and sometimes on your inner thighs may occur if you run or exercise regularly during the summer. Talcum powder can be used to clear it. To eliminate friction during a run, sprinkle it on before you go.
  • Dry Shampoo: It is common for your hair to become oily and greasy during the summer. You might be surprised to learn that talcum powder can be useful in such situations. Use talcum powder to get shampoo ready in 5 minutes by dusting it on your comb and running it through your hair. Not only will they look clean, but they will also smell great.
  • Makeup Setting: This hot weather can make you look dewy, even just a few hours after applying makeup. Nonetheless, talcum powder is a great tool for setting makeup all day because it absorbs and removes moisture from your face.
  • Remove sand: If you're headed for the beach, don't forget to pack talcum powder along with your sunscreen. By absorbing sweat, oil and water, talc lets you wipe off the sand without having to worry about it sticking to you. You can easily brush all the sand away by just sprinkling a bit of talcum powder.

Top Brands and USPs

  • Ponds- Ponds is one of the most popular brands of talcum powder. It has a wide selection of fragrant talcum powders that provide a matte texture and a soft feel to your skin.
  • Candid- Candid dusting powders are widely used for their wide range of benefits. A dermatologically tested talcum powder that may help people with fungal infections, skin itchiness and redness. It has a cooling effect that helps soothe skin irritation and discomfort.
  • Johnsons Baby- This brand is synonymous with talcum powder. Known for its baby powder, the brand provides a dermatologically tested powder that makes the skin soft and smooth by getting rid of excess moisture. Although widely advertised for babies under 5 years, it is very popular even among adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Talcum powder should be used in moderation because excessive use may reduce the production of natural oils on your skin, making your skin dry and flaky.

question 2

Yes, you can use your regular talcum powder on your face. Face oils are absorbed by talcum powder.

question 3

The use of talc in cosmetics and other products is generally recognised as safe.

question 4

  • Talcum powders that are specially formulated for babies are known as baby powders and this was mostly after the introduction of Johnson's Baby powder.
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