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Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit
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Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

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Key Highlights

The Prega News Pregnancy test kit is available at almost all pharmaceutical stores across the country as well as in online stores.

It can be purchased without a prescription but is usually recommended to be used upon the advice of a gynaecologist.

The Prega News test kit provides 99% accuracy in the detection of pregnancy at home and can be a quick alternative to diagnostics lab tests.

Moreover, this test kit provides results in just 5 minutes and is very handy for women who want to test for pregnancy from the comfort of their homes.


The Prega News Test Kit is a quick and simple way to confirm whether you are pregnant from the comfort of your home. For couples who are trying to conceive this Prega News Kit is a perfect tool to easily get confirmation of pregnancy. With a fast 5-minute time, the pregnancy test kit from Prega News lets you check quickly when you need to know the pregnancy status.

Key Benefits

  • With a 99% accuracy rate, the Prega News result is correct most of the time (in some rare cases, if the test is taken too early in the pregnancy you might get a negative result, in that case, retake the test at a later date).
  • With as little as 3 drops of urine, a woman can quickly get a result of whether she is pregnant or not in 5 minutes.
  • While all tests should be confirmed by a lab test, the convenience of a home test gives you a good idea of your pregnancy status.

How to Use

  • In the morning, collect the first urine in a clean container.
  • Using the dropper add a few drops into the sample well of the test kit.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to read the results.
  • If one pink line shows, it is a negative result, pregnancy is not confirmed.
  • If two pink lines show, it is a positive result, pregnancy is confirmed.
  • If one dark line and one pink line show, this means there wasn’t enough HCG detected to give a result. Retake the test at a later time.
  • It is important to take the test before the first urine cycle of the day as this gives the most accurate results.


To determine if a woman is pregnant or not.

Interpretation of Results

If you are wondering how to know the Prega News result, then these are the steps to follow to interpret the results of this home pregnancy test:

  • After waiting for 5 minutes, you will need to check the Easy Read Result Window of the test device.
  • If you see a light pink line on the T, it means that the pregnancy hormone may not have registered enough to mark it as a pregnancy.
  • If you find that two prominent pink lines appear, one on the C and another on the T, then that means pregnancy is confirmed.
  • However, if you see just one pink line on the C, then you are not pregnant.

Storage Information

  • Before opening and using the Prega News Pregnancy test kit, you must store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Store it away from sunlight and in a place that is not too humid.
  • Do not keep it stored for too long as it is advised to use it immediately upon purchase.

Safety Information

Dispose of the kit after use.

Do not use the product if it is past the expiry date, as you will not get accurate results.

If you are unsure of the result, retake the test at a later date with a fresh kit.

Always confirm your results with a professional lab test.

Read the instructions carefully before using.

Side effects

Prega News pregnancy kit is absolutely safe to use. The product is for physical use only and does not interfere with any bodily function.

Precautions and warnings

Read the label carefully before use

Single-use product

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of children

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Q1. What is the Prega News price for one kit?

Ans: The price for 1 Prega News kit is between Rs.50 to Rs.45.

Q2. Are the results always correct?

Ans: Home test kits are usually 99% accurate when used within 7 days of a missed period and instructions are followed. Always confirm results with a lab test.

Q3. Do I need to drink a lot of water before taking the test?

Ans: Urine that has been in the bladder for 3-4 hours has the best chance of containing the required HCG hormone. Hence, it is best to take the test in the morning with the first urine. Water can help to build up urine in the bladder.

Q4. Is there any diet before taking the test?

Ans: No, diet is not required. However, if you have any other dietary restrictions please stick to them. If you are having trouble conceiving, please check with your doctor for further advice.

Q5. How many times should I take the test?

Ans: It is recommended to take the test at least twice, leaving 2-3 days in between each test. This is in case you get a false positive on the first test.

Q6. How can we check pregnancy using Prega News?

Ans: All you need to do is collect your urine early in the morning using the dropper enclosed in the Prega News Pregnancy test kit and pour a few drops onto the Sample Well and wait for 5 minutes to know whether you are pregnant.

Q7. How soon can Prega news detect Pregnancy?

Ans: It takes approximately 5 minutes for the Prega News Pregnancy test kit to confirm a pregnancy. However, if you do not notice either a positive or a negative confirmation for pregnancy, even after 5 minutes, then it is best to retake the test with a fresh test kit.

Q8. Can I use Prega News at night?

Ans: Yes you can, but it is always advisable to use it in the morning on an empty stomach. This is because conducting a pregnancy test using the Prega News pregnancy test kit at night when on a full stomach may not give accurate results.

Q9. How do I use Prega News?

Ans: It is very simple to use the Prega News Pregnancy test kit and any layperson can use it at home without the need for specialised knowledge or skills. Simply ensure that you collect your morning’s first urine sample and take 3 drops from it inside the dropper that is provided with the test kit. Then gently pour these 3 drops into the Sample Well of the testing device and wait 5 minutes for the results to show.

Q10. What is C and T in Prega News?

Ans: The C line is known as the Control line which is an indicator that the test has worked properly, while the T line or Test line is the indication of a positive result provided by the test. In case you do not see the C line, it could mean that the test has not worked and you will need to retake it. However, if you see the C line but do not see the T line, it means the test has worked and that you are not pregnant. On the other hand, if you see both the C and the T line, then it means the test has worked and also that you are pregnant. In the rare case that you see the T line but not the C line, it means that the device may be faulty.

Q11. Is it safe to use Prega News Pregnancy Test?

Ans. Yes, it is totally safe to use the Prega News Pregnancy Test. It is a test kit that requires a few drops of urine for testing and does not require any invasive procedure.

Q12. Where can I buy Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit?

Ans. Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is available at medical stores, you can also purchase it from any authentic online medical pharmacies.

Q13. What is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Ans. One should preferably take the test using the first-morning sample of urine. This is because your urine in the morning contains more concentration of the pregnancy hormone, which helps in detecting if you are pregnant. Make sure that even if you are taking the pregnancy test at any other time during the day, you must store the urine in the urinary bladder for about 2-4 hrs. This helps in increasing the concentration of pregnancy hormones in the urine.

Q14. If my pregnancy test result comes negative the first time, should I re-test?

Ans. In case you get a negative pregnancy test result the first time, you are advised to repeat the test again the next morning with fresh urine.

Q15. Is the Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit reusable?

Ans. No, you cannot reuse a pregnancy test kit. It is meant for single use only.

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