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Buy paralysis care products online at PharmEasy

Recovery from paralysis is a time-consuming process. Regular monitoring by a doctor, timely administration of prescribed medicines, physiotherapy, good nutrition etc., are all important aspects of recovery.. Paralysis, i.e. loss of muscular function or sensory loss, usually from damage to a part of the central nervous system, is also caused due to polio, excessive trauma, multiple sclerosis, etc., apart from brain stroke. Often, mobility is the greatest casualty of paralysis. Usually, long-term options for products are needed for elderly adults with reduced mobility post-stroke. In India, you will find several products that will aid recovery from paralysis available for purchase online at discounted prices from PharmEasy with doorstep delivery.

What are paralysis care products used for?

Paralysis care products are made to assist a person with a disability from paralysis to resume daily activities and community life. These are physical equipment that helps those afflicted with physical, speech or other impairments to regain, to the maximum extent possible, activities for an independent and functional life.

Why are Paralysis care products important?

The benefits of paralysis care products are manifold. It is important that affected persons get back to their near-normal activities and feel part of the community. Apart from medication, Paralysis care products are an important aid in achieving this objective. Community interaction is important in the psychological set-up of the person. Antiparalytic products thus go beyond mere healing or restoration or aid to being an important psychological booster.

Types of Paralysis care products

  • Mobility aids form the majority of Paralysis care products. Robotic technology products, and AI-based products are also used. Here’s a quick look at some popular mobility-oriented antiparalytic products.
  • Wheelchair – This is a basic product related to mobility. These come in several types, viz. manual, sport, power, power-assisted etc.
  • Walker – Also known as walking frames, these are extremely effective for rehabilitation, helping people get back to walking by themselves as a child does in infancy.
  • Walking stick – Walking sticks come aluminium built with height adjustment, comfortable handle and with a wide base for making walking easier without full weight on the affected leg.
  • Ankle brace – The ankle brace stabilises and strengthens your ankle to help support your body's weight while you get back to walking.
  • Orthotic aids – Especially for relieving pressure on the foot, orthotic aids play a big role in paralysis due to polio.

Top Paralysis care product brands and USPs

  • Tynor: Tynor has come to be regarded as one of the top two brands in India in respect of orthopaedic and paralysis care products. Their products are reliable in terms of quality and value.
  • Flamingo: They have earned a reputation as a trusted brand in healthcare products and aids. With products targeted at enabling ‘movement’ among consumers
  • LivEasy Ortho Care Range: A brand specialising in all kinds of orthopaedic and wellness products. The brand has gained wide acceptance in a short period of time based on values such as reliability, durability, build quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Yes. With prompt treatment and regular medications, some people with paralysis may recover and regain movement to a great extent. However, recovery depends on various factors and varies from person to person.

question 2

Reversal of paralysis depends on the patient’s overall health, underlying cause, patient care and regularity of treatment.

question 3

Paraplegia, i.e. paralysis of the legs, feet and most areas below the waist, is the most common form of partial paralysis.

question 4

  • The inability to move your body partially or in total arises due to different causes, some of which may be serious. Depending on the cause, paralysis may be temporary or permanent. This can be best advised to you by your examining doctor.
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