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Buy Trimmers Online At Pharmeasy

Trimmers are an important asset to have in your grooming kit. They have a number of features and are convenient to use. There are different kinds of trimmers available for different parts of your body. Here is everything you need to know before buying trimmers online at Pharmeasy.

What are trimmers used for?

Trimmers are an easier alternative to razors. They are easy and convenient to use and can shave minute hair follicles. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used anywhere. Since they are electrical products, trimmers need to be either charged or need battery power to work. They are used to shave beards, body hair, and pubic hair. They can also be used to trim the hair on your head and can be used for different types of hairstyles.

Types of Trimmers

  • Based on the site they are used, trimmers are divided into four types:
  • Hair trimmers
  • These types of Trimmers are used to trim any type of hair on your body. However, hair trimmers should not be used on sensitive skin as they tend to cause rashes and allergies to your skin. Especially when using a trimmer for the face, try to be extra careful with the product you are using.
  • Beard trimmers
  • As the name already suggests, beard trimmers are used to shave and shape your beard. You can use your trimmers, especially for shaving or trimming your beard as they are specially designed for the said task. Beard trimmers come in a variety of designs and are usually electrical. However, you need to take special care as you may otherwise get hurt.
  • Ear and Nose Trimmers
  • ear and nose trimmers are different from the other trimmers types. They are specially designed to trim the hair of the ear and nose. The mechanical design of ear and nose trimers is different from that of the other trimmers. They can efficiently shave those parts of your nose or ear that normal trimmers cannot reach.
  • Bikini Trimmers
  • Bikini trimmers are specially used for shaving public hair. They are also specially designed to remove the hair from the private region of your body. Special care should be taken while using bikini trimmers as they are used in sensitive areas. Also, keep in mind that bikini trimmers should not be used on any other parts of your body.

Top trimmers brands and their USPs

  • Lifelong Llpcm17 Ace Pro - This beard trimmer for men is made with ceramide titanium blades that help cut hair quickly. With a 5-hour full charge time, this trimmer gives a run time of 3+ hours. The trimmer comes with 6 different sizes of comb and multiple speed options, so style and trim your beard as you want.
  • Philips Brt383/15 Essential Trimmer: Bikini hair trimming is made painless and easy with Philips trimmer. Trimming, shaving or styling your delicate intimate areas can be done gently with its ergonomic grip. It is designed in a safe and effective manner so that you can avoid the trouble of ingrown hair.
  • Vega T1 Beard trimmer: Vega men’s trimmer has an easy rotating wheel that gets your precision for up to 23 length settings. So be it stubble, short or trimming a long beard, Vega trimmer can be used for hassle-free daily use. The trimmer comes with a skin-friendly stainless-steel blade. You can easily carry it on your next holiday or business trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Anything that trims is known as a trimmer. Therefore, eyebrow removers are also a type of trimmer.

question 2

No, you cannot use a bikini trimmer to shave any other part of your body since they are specially designed to shave pubic hair.

question 3

Yes, the blades of the trimmer are changeable and can be changed as per your requirement.

question 4

  • Yes, most companies use stainless steel to manufacture their trimmer blades to provide maximum efficiency.
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