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A healthy skincare routine includes cleaning and moisturising the skin regularly. Face scrubs help to cleanse the skin from deep-set impurities. One can easily purchase face scrubs online through the PharmEasy online store.

What is Face scrub used for? / Why is Face scrub important?

A face scrub is a skin care product used to exfoliate dead cells from facial skin. Facial skin is the most delicate and therefore requires specific products that can gently cleanse the skin without damaging it. Including face scrub in one’s skincare routine is extremely important as the product contains coarse particles that gently work on the skin to remove dead tissue and grime, which helps in unclogging pores and reduces the chance of acne.

Types of Face scrub

  • Face scrubs are available in a combination of a variety of ingredients and while they can be completely organic and natural, like sugar or coffee, in today’s market, we have types of face scrubs majorly divided on the skin type they can be used on.
  • There are face scrubs available for the following skin type:
  • Oily Skin - Majorly people with oily skin face an issue of clogged pores and acne; therefore face scrubs that contain natural and anti-acne elements like oatmeal and lemon would be an ideal choice.
  • Dry Skin - Persons with dry skin often face an issue with dead skin cell buildup and hydration. Using face scrubs containing ingredients like honey or brown sugar can be beneficial.
  • Sensitive Skin - This skin type can opt for products that are gentle and possess anti-bacterial properties. Products with ingredients like tomato, yoghurt, brown sugar and turmeric and good options.
  • Combination Skin - This skin type is a mix of all skin types therefore, they may need to try out a few options before finding the ideal product.

Top face scrub name brands and USPs

Organic Harvest offers face scrubs with ingredients that are plant-derived and has natural moisturising properties. McCaffeine offers face scrubs enriched with coffee in combination with other natural ingredients that leave the skin feeling toned, supple and deeply cleansed.MamaEarth provides face scrubs that are dermatologically tested and contain no harmful chemicals. They are meant to suit all skin types.Jovees provides face scrubs with a combination of natural ingredients like jojoba and neem that claim to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. The Beauty Co. offers face scrubs that are free from silicone, paraben and harmful sulphates. Their vegan products can gently exfoliate and moisturise the skin effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

No, a face wash and a face scrub are different in texture and purpose. While face wash is smooth in texture and is used to cleanse the surface of the skin from dirt and dust, a face scrub is coarse in texture and deep cleans the skin along with exfoliating the dead cells from the skin.

question 2

No, it is advisable that face scrubs can be used between 1 and 2 times a week, depending on one’s skin type.

question 3

In some cases, face scrub might contain ingredients like peppermint or menthol that leave and tingling sensation on the skin. In case there is no such ingredient, it can be an indication that the product is not suiting the person’s skin.

question 4

  • Ideally, after using a face scrub, one can apply a face moisturiser to hydrate the skin and allow the skin pores to lock the moisture.
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