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What is Soap used for?

Soaps are typically of two types: beauty soaps for everyday use and medicated soaps for helping with skin allergies and infections. Beauty soaps help keep our bodies clean, remove dirt and pollution, and moisturize the face. Medicated soaps, on the other hand, are exclusively prescribed by a dermatologist for acne, fungal or yeast infection, and for the sensitive skin of newborn babies.

Why is Soap important?

Infectious diseases such as COVID-19, gastrointestinal diseases, and respiratory infections can be easily deterred if one regularly cleans their hands, face and body after coming in contact with another person or outside environment. Soaps come in a variety of choices that range from medicated soaps that help manage skin allergies and fungal infections to beauty soaps with herbal ingredients to beautify and nourish the skin.

Types of Soap

  • Antifungal soaps are medicated soaps that help manage skin allergies and fungal or yeast infections, and should only be used under a dermatologist’s prescription. Some of the most popular antifungal soaps that help manage antifungal infections are Keto Soap, KZ soap, Nuforce Soap, and Abzorb Antifungal Soap.
  • Herbal Soaps are all-natural skin cleansers that contain herbal ingredients and offer an all-natural composition suitable to all skin types. Such soaps often have anti-inflammatory properties and help manage minor acne, offering benefits of plants such as aloe vera, neem, etc. Some of the top herbal soaps include: Elovera Plus Soap, Alex Soap, Lee Neem Soap, etc.
  • Baby Soaps are used for newborn children and infants whose skin requires extreme care against toxins. These soaps help manage dryness of the skin, rashes, and irritation by locking the moisture in the skin. Some of the top baby soaps include: Dermadew Baby Wrap, Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap, Mamaearth Baby Soap, etc.
  • Anti-Acne Soaps are often a combination of medicated chemicals and natural ingredients that help manage microbial growth and skin inflammation, averting acne from surfacing again while soothing irritated skin cells. Some of the top acne soaps include: D Acne Soap, Acnelak Soap, Dermadew Acne Wrap, etc.

Top Soap brands and USPs

  • 1. Keto Soap 100gm: Keto soap is a medicated soap bar that helps manage superficial fungal and yeast infections such as ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, seborrheic dermatitis and pityriasis. The soap helps damage the fungal cell membranes that are necessary for fungal survival, hence killing yeast and fungi. Offer Price: ₹193.80 (15% discount on MRP)
  • 2. Abzorb Antifungal Soap: The soap bar helps manage various fungal skin infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, nappy rash, sweat rash, and vaginal thrush. Price: ₹118.58
  • 3. Elovera Plus Soap: This type of herbal soap is dipped in the goodness of herbal ingredients that help repair damaged skin and provide deep nourishment. Price: ₹199
  • 4. Mamaearth Baby Soap (Pack Of 4) Box: This baby soap from Mamaearth is hypoallergenic and toxin-free, and maintains a pH of 5.5, which is excellent for your baby's sensitive skin. Price: Price: ₹423.3
  • 5. D Acne Soap: This anti-acne soap helps suppress the metabolic activity of the sebocytes and helps manage microbial growth. It is made from clinically approved ingredients as well as herbal components that soothe the skin and provide protective moisturisation and emolliency. Price: ₹265

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Soaps come in different sizes, price ranges and use cases. Depending on whether you are looking for a daily-use soap, a baby soap, an anti-acne soap or anti-fungal soap, etc. you can browse through a variety of options. Some of the top soaps include: Keto Soap, Abzorb Antifungal Soap, Elovera Plus Soap, Mamaearth Baby Soap, etc.

question 2

The most common function of soap is to ward off infections and defend against the spread of germs from one person to another and keep oneself clean. But, certain types of soaps are exclusively used for acne treatment, fungal/yeast infection treatment, and the sensitive skin of newborn babies.

question 3

Different types of soap, based on the use case, include: Kitchen soap, laundry soap, noverly soap, guest soap, medicated soap, baby soap, anti-acne soap, anti-fungal soap, antibacterial soap, beauty soap, herbal soap etc.

question 4

No, while the most common use case for soap is to keep oneself clean, ward off infections and limit the spreading of germs from one person to another, certain types of soaps are exclusively used for acne treatment, fungal/yeast infection treatment, and for the sensitive skin of new-born babies.

question 5

Constituents of a soap depend on the use case and the type of soap you are buying. For example, medicated soaps will contain chemicals that ward off fungal and bacterial infections, while herbal soaps may include natural ingredients.
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