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It is now easier to buy oils online with purchase options at PharmEasy. You can also enjoy the benefits at a great price.

What are Oils used for? / Why is Oil important?

Oils have been used by humans for centuries for a variety of reasons - both medicinal and health purposes. The topical application of oils has benefits due to their antibacterial, detoxifying, nourishing, stimulating and relaxing properties. The benefits of oils are so vast that they are widely being used in beauty products, natural medicine, home cleaning products and others. Essential oils are also known to have properties that alleviate stress and anxiety along with being used for pain relief while massaging.

Types of Oils

  • Body Oils - Body oils are mostly organic oils, extracted from plants - leaves, flowers, roots or bark which offer a range of benefits like skin moisturisation, reducing aches, and alleviating stress to name a few. Hair Oils - These oils are meant for application on hair and scalp. It strengthens hair and enhances hair lustre. The application of hair oil helps restore hydration and nourishment. Hair oils have been an essential part of the age-old hair care routine. Pain relief Oil - Pain relief oils, generally available from herbal sources are prepared with a special formulation of a combination of naturally available ingredients for the management and alleviation of different kinds of pain and inflammation. Essential Oil Extracts - These oils are compounds extracted from medicinal plants and they are highly concentrated in nature. These oils are derived through steam or water distillation or other mechanical methods like cold pressing and are widely used in aromatherapy as they are known to have numerous health benefits.

Top Oils brands and USPs

  • Khadi Organique offers a variety of oils with a combination of ingredients that boost hair health improve hair texture and give the required nourishment to hair. Baidyanath provides the Mahanarayan Tel which is specifically meant to deal with joint and body aches. There are several other beneficial oils from this brand. Everherb provides herbal oils that may help alleviate some types of body aches, joint pains and swelling with the goodness of ayurvedic ingredients. SWISSE Store offers fish oil for consumption as oil capsules. Fish oil is known to maintain good heart, eye and brain health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which oils can alleviate a headache instantly?

Peppermint oil is commonly known to offer comfort during headaches and migraine attacks.

What oils are ideal for massaging dry skin?

Some oils that are good options for massage on dry skin are olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil and jojoba oil among others. Choose the one that suits your skin type.

What is the most common essential oil for pain relief?

Lavender oil, oil containing camphor, clove and mint extracts, are most commonly known for its properties to relax and reduce aches

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