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Buy eyeglasses hassle-free now at PharmEasy Online Store!

Glasses are as much a style accessory as a necessary aid. The right pair of eyeglasses can elevate your entire look to new heights. Hence, choosing a pair of glasses can get very overwhelming. With the various frame styles and new and exciting features of lenses; the possibilities are endless. To make the shopping process smooth and easier, the PharmEasy online store brings you an exciting range of eyewear glasses! Choose from hundreds of frame styles. Get premium quality lenses for your eyes with the power prescribed to you. All from the easy convenience and comfort of your home.

What are eyewear glasses used for?

Glasses are visibility aids. They are most commonly used for correcting impaired vision. In today's day and age, demographics from nearly all age groups use glasses. Glasses with zero power are also used for preventive or safety measures Besides these, other types of glasses are used as fashion accessories. They can act as statement pieces that make or break your look!

Types of glasses available

  • Based on uses: Glasses: As a Visibility aid that help in improving vision. These are medically prescribed by an eye expert. Generally not tinted, these are used for day-to-day activities. For some, it can be just for specific activities like reading. Sunglasses: Sunglasses provide the much-required comfort to the eyes on bright sunny days. The various styles and colours available in the market make them the perfect fashion accessories. Safety glasses: In various industries, safety glasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful chemicals, dust, and pollution. Preventive eyewear is also used in adventure sports and swimming to protect the eyes. Based on lenses Single vision lenses - made for one, consistent focal power to correct a single vision condition. Bifocal lens: Bifocal lenses provide aid to people with both nearsightedness and farsightedness. It is a combination of concave and convex lenses. Trifocal lens: These are an extension of bifocal lenses with an addition of another portion to the lens known as the intermediate. It helps people see things moderately away from them. Progressive lens: It is a special type of lens that gradually changes its nature from concave to convex. Unlike the bifocal lens, the change is very gradual which is easier to get accustomed to. Cylindrical lenses—designed for astigmatisms, or when the cornea of the eye is oval, rather than round. A cylindrical lens is the most common way to correct astigmatism. Blue light lens: Due to the electronics boom, eyes are more exposed to blue light from various gadgets these days. To protect the eyes from these harmful rays, blue light lenses were developed. It provides a protective barrier by shutting out most of the harmful rays.

Top brands for eyewear glasses

  • Klar Eye: Klar Eye is one of the most affordable reading glass brands in India. The most commonly sold product is single vision lens eyeglasses for correcting near vision problems. Other than that, they also carry eyeglasses with blue light filtering lenses to ease strain from screen use. Though Karl Eye only specialises in reading glasses, this brand carries a variety of styles and options. There are various categories of price ranges to make eyecare more accessible to all. Aqualens: If you are thinking about getting premium contact lenses, Aqualens is the answer for you. They showcase the best quality prescription lenses. Their lenses are designed to be comfortable for long hours. They are easy to wear and perfect for daily use. You can get coloured lenses along with clear ones. Except for the lenses, Aqualens also carry various lens care kits, like lens solutions. And all of this, for the most affordable prices! Bausch and Lomb: Bausch and Lomb are one of the largest suppliers of contact lenses globally. They also carry prescription lenses, pharmaceuticals and various lens care products. They excel at providing comfortable and effective vision correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

It depends on various factors such as lifestyle, the rate at which your eye power fluctuates, and durability. But it is generally suggested that you consult your doctor at least once a year. Based on the diagnosis, you can decide on new glasses.

question 2

To avoid damage to the glasses, it is suggested you wipe the glasses with the cleaning cloth provided. Put a little bit of cleaning formula or water on the lenses and wipe gently to avoid scratching the lenses. It is recommended to clean the glasses at least once daily.

question 3

Depending on your face shape, various styles of glasses are available in the market. First, identify your face shape and look for the perfect pair to suit your face.

question 4

  • Proper care is the key to prolonging the life of glasses. Also investing in a good quality pair that suits your face and style is often a better choice than just going with the trend. The lens choice can also be crucial in lengthening the life of glasses.
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