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Buy Hot Water Bags Online at PharmEasy

Hot water bags are the easiest and simplest way to overcome pains and soreness in the body with heat therapy.

What is Hot Water Bags used for? / Why are Hot Water Bags important?

Hot water bags are generally plastic or rubber container that can be filled with hot water and sealed shut with a stopper to place on a body part to alleviate discomfort through heat application. Local application of heat is known to relax the muscles and improve blood flow and hot water bags are designed in a way that excessive heat is not transferred to the body and the user can apply optimum heat on their body as per the need. Placing hot water bags on the chest when suffering from a common cold and cough also offers a great degree of comfort.

Types of Hot Water Bags

  • Standard Hot water bag - This is a non-electric bag that comes with a stopper, typically made from rubber or plastic. This is highly affordable and long-lasting.
  • U-shaped hot water bag - The U-shaped bag is typically smaller in size and is applied on the neck. It can withstand high pressure and is safe to rest the head on. This is a non-electric bag as well.
  • Hot water bag with belt - These bags are designed to be worn like a belt and can be used around the waist or across the shoulder. This provides ease of placement without the necessity of manually holding the hot water bag in the desired place.
  • Hot water electric bag - This bag is an electric version of the standard hot water bag, however, this comes with a feature that allows the user to fill regular water in the bag and plug it for heating. The bag is made with soft material and comes with an auto-cut technique, allowing the temperature in the bag to be maintained at optimum.

Top Hot Water Bags brands and USPs

  • PharmEasy provides high-quality rubber hot water bags that can retain heat for an extended duration. The product uses heat therapy to relax sore and stiff muscles.
  • Accusure offers a hot water bottle heat bag that is compact and gives comfortable heating to reduce strain and discomfort. It can also be used as a body warmer in winter.
  • LivEasy offers high-quality hot water bags that are highly durable and leak resistant. The hot water bag aids in managing discomfort to aching muscles and reduces inflammation and stiffness.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

It is not advisable to heat the bag along with water in the microwave unless it is specifically mentioned by the manufacturer. A safer approach is to heat the water separately and fill the bag.

question 2

Yes, hot water bags can be used on the bed to warm it up prior to sleep, but attention has to be paid that one does not sleep on the bag.

question 3

One can use the hot water bag daily if needed, however, the timing of usage is important. Using the bag for 15 to 25 minutes at a stretch is ideal. Speak to your doctor or physiotherapist for a suitable duration of use.

question 4

The earlier hot water bags that were commonly available were made of rubber with a stopper to seal the hot water.

question 5

Yes, hot water bags can offer some degree of help in managing menstrual discomfort as the heat relaxes uterine muscles and improves blood flow. Local application of heat in the abdomen is also known to help with bloating.

question 6

Hot water once boiled, needs to be brought down to a safe temperature before filling the bag, as the boiling temperature can damage the seams of the bottle bag.
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