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Cleansers are the first part of the skincare regime. The cleanser helps to remove dirt, oil and makeup from your face. A good cleanser will cleanse the skin and hydrate it so it doesn't dry out after cleansing. But finding the right cleanser can be difficult. There are thousands upon thousands of products on the market, making it difficult for even experienced shoppers to know where to start when looking for one that works best for them.Buy the best cleanser online at PharmEasy from its wide range of skincare products and avail of doorstep delivery on every order!

What are Cleansers Used for?

Cleansers are a must-have item in your skincare routine. They remove makeup and oil from your face so you can get a fresh start with your skincare products. Cleansers can also help remove excess sebum on the skin (the oily substance produced by the skin glands) and give it a much-needed cleanse.Cleansers are also helpful in removing dirt, debris and dust from the skin. A good cleanser should effectively remove all of these impurities while being gentle on your skin.

Types of Cleansers

  • Cleansers come in various forms, but they essentially work the same way. They remove dirt and impurities from your skin while leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Cleansers usually have an emollient base that contains water and oils, which helps to remove dirt, excess sebum (oil) or makeup from your face.
  • Oil-based cleansers
  • Oil-based cleansers are best for removing makeup and other impurities. The emollient base can also help keep the skin hydrated, especially during the winter when your skin may be more prone to dryness.
  • Water-based cleansers
  • Water-based cleansers are lighter and less oily than oil-based formulas. They're usually recommended for people with oily skin because they help to remove excess sebum without leaving behind any residue or greasiness.

Top Brands and USPs

Buy the best and most effective cleansers online only at PharmEasy:Organic Harvest: It contains organic ingredients and is effective in deep cleansing. It helps fade hyperpigmentation, brightens the skin and reduces redness.Cetaphil: This cleanser has a smooth, gentle texture that is different from most other skincare products. It doesn't contain abrasive chemicals like soap and alcohol—which can disturb your skin's pH balance.It contains clinically tested ingredients that ensure the absence of any allergens. This product has been certified as hypoallergenic and is designed to reduce inflammation and irritation in skin cells.Neutrogena Deep Clean: The cleanser is made with moisturizing organic ingredients that won't dry your skin. It's non-comedogenic, so you know it won't cause breakouts. And it clears 99% of pollutants from the surface of your skin—leaving nothing but smoothness behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

A toner removes any remaining residue from your skin after cleansing. A cleanser does not have this function but removes dirt, oil and other impurities on your face or body.

question 2

Moisturizers are meant to keep moisture in your skin through hydration. At the same time, cleansers can improve the appearance of damaged or dry skin by removing dirt, oil and other impurities to make it look healthier overall.

question 3

A face wash can remove dirt and oil from your skin. It works by dissolving dirt and oil on the surface of your skin and then rinsing it away with water. A cleanser may also contain ingredients that help remove impurities. Still, it has additional properties, such as antioxidants or moisturizers, that make it more effective than a basic face wash.

question 4

  • It's crucial to cleanse your face with a cleanser every day because dirt and other undesirable substances can build up on your skin throughout the course of an average day. This is a personal choice.
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