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What moisturiser is used for?

Many people think of moisturising as a part of a makeup routine, but daily moisturising is in fact crucial to healthy skin and must be included as a part of a daily skincare routine. For best results, make sure to use lotions and moisturisers with plenty of vitamins (Vitamin A/Vitamin C/ Vitamin B5), peptides, and ones that are oil-free, and allergy and dermatologist tested.

Why are moisturisers important?

Moisturiser should be a part of your daily skin care regimen for the following reasons:Hydration of the skin is crucial for skin health. Dry and dehydrated skin is prone to early ageing and damage from environmental pollutants.Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 used in moisturisers/lotions help increase firmness in the skin and build moisture levels. The high-quality moisturiser contains antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps protect new skin and fight skin damage. Lotions that contain PABA-Free SPF15 sunscreens help reduce the damage from sunlight.

Types of moisturiser

  • Hydrating creams or moisturisers for different skin types fall into three categories:
  • Emollients: Moisturisers containing emollients have anti-ageing and rejuvenating ingredients that help improve skin texture by filling in its crevices to make it look smoother.
  • Humectants: Moisturisers with humectants contain ingredients that help hydrate and replenish the skin by drawing moisture from the air into the skin.
  • Occlusives: Moisturisers or lotions with occlusives contain oil ingredients that help provide a protective seal over the skin to prevent moisture loss and drying.

Top moisturiser brands and USPs

  • You can apply the following moisturisers day and night as part of your skincare routine. Some of the top moisturisers include:
  • Nivea Men Moisturiser Creme
  • It is a clinically tested cream for men, containing ingredients which help nourish dry skin. The cream can be used for the face, hands, and neck.
  • The Skin Story Ultra Restoring Gel Moisturiser
  • This gel moisturiser helps in the deep hydration of the skin, making it more radiant and supple. It helps restore dry skin by sealing moisture into the skin.
  • Elovera Moisturiser Tube
  • This cream is best suited for dry skin and helpful for people with scars, marks and dark spots. Elovera cream contains ingredients that not only moisturise the skin but also provide a soothing effect, giving your skin a natural glow from within.
  • Mamaearth Aloe Vera Moisturiser
  • This lotion from Mamaearth works magic for skin woes. The lotion is FDA-approved, free from mineral oils, parabens and toxins, and contains the goodness of aloe vera extracts and vitamin E.
  • Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser
  • Nivea Soft is a light body lotion that offers a non-greasy and light formula. The cream’s unique lightweight composition is absorbed quickly by the skin ensuring fast and long-lasting intensive moisturization, and this makes it perfect for summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Some of the best face moisturisers within an affordable price range include Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser, Episoft Moisturising Cream, Acmist Moisturising Cream Gel, Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel, Fixderma Moisturising Cream, Jovees Wheat Germ Face Massage Cream, Elovera Moisturiser Tube and more.

question 2

Daily moisturising is crucial to healthy skin. Moisturisers can also help manage dull and dry skin. For best results, make sure to use lotions and moisturisers with plenty of vitamins (Vitamin A/Vitamin C/ Vitamin B5), and ones that are oil-free, and allergy and dermatologist-tested.

question 3

Using a moisturiser is most crucial after you take a bath, shave or exfoliate. If you have dry skin, make sure to use moisturiser twice a day. Moisturizing the skin after a shower is crucial for people with all skin types because the soap and water strip off the moisture and oils out of your skin, leaving it parched and dry.

question 4

Some of the home remedies for moisturising your skin include ghee honey, petroleum jelly, aloe vera, coconut oil, drinking milk, and oatmeal bath. However, if you have dry, scaly skin or blemishes and loose skin you wish to rejuvenate and replenish, using moisturising creams is the best solution.

question 5

If you miss a day or two of moisturising your skin, no significant change will come to your skin. However, not moisturising your face at all can have serious consequences in the long run, as when the skin is constantly devoid of moisture and nourishment, it will lose its firmness and sag sooner than it would otherwise.
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