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Buy deodorants at PharmEasy Online Store!

Do you sweat a lot? Are you conscious of your body odour? If you say yes to both of these, deodorants are for you. You can check out the wide range of deodorants at PharmEasy Online Store! You will find at least one that you love!

What are deodorants used for?

When applied to the body, deodorants are substances that either prevent or mask the body odour. Body odours happen due to the bacterial breakdown of perspiration or bodily fluids in your underarms or privates. It mainly affects your armpits and groins. Deodorants help in masking body odour. A subclass of deodorants known as antiperspirants reduces sweating itself. They work temporarily, blocking the pores where sweat comes from. Since they reduce sweating, the breakdown of bacteria doesn't occur.

Types of deodorants

  • Spray-on deodorants: Spray-on deodorants are perfect for quick freshening up before happy hour and after the gym. To use this kind of product, gently shake the can, take the cap off and spray the underarm region from roughly a 10-inch distance. Spray a thin, smooth layer over the armpit skin for optimal results. Just wait until the aerosol spray is completely dry before dressing.
  • Roll-on deodorants: This roll-on deodorant glides on effortlessly in a smooth liquid form that fits your body. It comes in compact portable bottles. Although the application of a roll-on product is a little slower than that of a spray, it often lasts longer than aerosol formulations. A roll-on deodorant can be the ideal option for you if you spend the day on the road and don't want to bring hygiene goods with you.
  • Gel deodorants: This full-coverage, long-lasting solution is a thick, transparent gel with decent staying power. This product's applicator tip disperses the substance like a roll-on. But unlike roll-on, it comes with a twistable dial system. After taking a shower, simply dab on a little bit and wait for it to dry before dressing.
  • Solid deodorants: A solid deodorant's packaging may resemble a gel's, but its substance is usually smooth and opaque. It has the consistency of a creamy soap bar. It is just soft enough to apply to your armpit. Use up-and-down motions to spread the solid deodorant evenly around the underarm region. Many solid deodorants can leave a white residue on your skin and clothing. To prevent that, some companies offer invisible solid deodorants. These do not leave any marks when applied.

Top brands

  • Nivea: Nivea is one of the most well-known brands in India. They carry most types of deodorants. Known to be gentle on the skin and long-lasting. The deodorants are effective as antibacterials. Themes of nature mostly inspire the exciting range of mild deodorants. They provide options for sensitive skin types as well. Also carries options for both men and women.
  • Wild Stone: Long-lasting and effective. Wild stone is known for its various exciting fragrances. They have one for every occasion.
  • Fogg: Famous for its iconic tagline, Fogg as a brand shot up to fame quite recently. They are certainly not boring with their exciting range of collections. They keep their customers on their toes with innovative products and new fragrances. They have an option for you no matter who you are or what you prefer. They have it all.
  • Yardley London: Yardley London is a generationally trusted brand for deodorants. They have been around for decades with their reliable range of deodorants. Their signature fragrances are described as classic with a touch of contemporary. Happy patrons describe them as long-lasting and fresh.
  • Engage: Engage is the most convenient and pocket-friendly brand of deodorant in India. Their most popular product is pocket deodorants. They have a large collection and are available in various sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Anywhere between 24 to 72 hours is adequate. After that, the effects of deodorants start to wear off.

question 2

Deodorants are quite notorious for staining clothes yellow. It is quite hard to remove these stains. Wait for body sprays to dry out and then put on your clothes.

question 3

To determine the safety, read the label. The listed ingredients can guide you to choose the safest deodorant for yourself.

question 4

  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have cuts and scratches on your skin, it can irritate the skin.
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