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Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules
Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

2ml Respule in Packet
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Budesonide(0.5 Mg)
Therapeutic classification

Medical Description

Budecort Respules are used to maintain or control the symptoms of asthma and to prevent the development of asthma in children 12 months to 8 years of age. Budecort Respules contains Budesonide as an active constituent. It is a corticosteroid and acts as an anti-asthmatic agent. It helps in controlling daily symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing and chest pain and prevents the worsening of these symptoms. Budecort should always be administered with the help of nebulisers. Nebuliser is a machine that forms a mist of medicine so that it can reach the lungs easily. Your doctor or pharmacist will guide you on how to use nebulisers properly. You should take Budecort regularly as advised by your doctor for effective control of your asthma.
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Uses of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

  • As for maintenance treatment of asthma and to prevent the occurrence of asthma, where inhaler or dry powder medicines does not show satisfactory results.
  • Treatment of respiratory infection caused by a virus (Croup) in infants and children characterised by a barking cough, noisy breathing and hoarseness.

Contraindications of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

  • If you are allergic to budesonide or any of the ingredient of this medicine
  • If you are allergic to milk proteins
  • Budecort Respules should not be used for the treatment of Status asthmaticus, an extreme form of asthma in which asthma attacks follow one another without pause and asthma attacks which require medical emergency
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Side effects of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

  • Oral fungal infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Hoarseness in voice
  • Cough
  • Throat irritation
  • Change of taste

Precautions and Warnings of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules


Can I use Budecort Respules during pregnancy?
There is limited information on the use of this medicine in pregnancy. Hence, it is recommended not to use Budecort Respules unless prescribed by your doctor. It is very important to take proper treatment of asthma during pregnancy for the safety of foetus and mother.

Breast Feeding

Can I use Budecort Respules while breastfeeding?
It passes into the breastmilk in a very less amount. Hence it is safe to breastfeed during the treatment. Take this medicine only if your doctor has prescribed it.


Can I drive if I have used Budecort Respules?
Use of Budecort Respules does not influence your driving ability.


Can I consume alcohol with Budecort Respules?
No information is available on interactions of Budecort Respules when taken with alcohol. However, alcohol is known to trigger asthma occasionally. Thus be careful, especially when consuming wine.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You have a problem of difficulty in breathing or severe asthma problem, the doctor may adjust the dose accordingly
  • You have or had a serious infection that affects mainly lungs (pulmonary tuberculosis)
  • You are suffering from liver disease, as it may lead to increased levels of budesonide in your blood. Such patients need to be checked at regular intervals
  • If you experience any allergic reactions like rashes, urge to scratch, swelling, the doctor may discontinue the treatment
  • You should not take more than the recommended for effective control of asthma and maintanance
  • You are experiencing any visual disturbance, your doctor may refer you to an eye specialist for evaluation of possible causes which may include cataract, high pressure inside the eye (glaucoma)
  • You may develop oral fungal infection and an increase in wheezing after using this medicine, the doctor may discontinue the treatment or suggest an alternate
  • This medicine may impair the growth of children. The doctor may re-evaluate the dose make sure you dont give an extra dose to your kids
  • This medicine can suppress the actions of adrenal glands and certain physiological changes you may not be able to perceive. Discuss with your doctor

Mode of Action of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

How Does It Work?

People with asthma have inflammation in their airways and are more sensitive to asthma triggers and cause symptoms of discomfort in airways. Budecort works by inhibiting the action of allergic and inflammatory mediators which can trigger the asthma symptoms. When budesonide is inhaled via nebuliser, it penetrates directly into the inner lining of the airways. It decreases the symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing and chest discomfort and facilitates breathing.
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Directions for Use of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

  • Take exactly as per indications from your physician or pharmacist
  • Carefully read the instructions for the use of nebulizers from the leaflet which comes with the nebulizer
  • Do not stop taking Budecort without consulting your doctor, even if you feel relieved after taking a few doses
  • Rinse your mouth after every use to prevent fungal infection & wash your face to avoid any facial irritation
  • Clean the nebulizer after every use as per the instructions mentioned

Interactions of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

Interactions with other medicines

  • Antifungal medicines such as Ketoconazole, Itraconazole should not be taken along with Budecort Respules, and if the treatment is a must there be a sufficient gap between the administration of two medicine.
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  • Concomitant use of Anti-HIV medicines such as Nelfinavir, Ritonavir, Indinavir and antibiotics like Clarithromycin with Budecort Respules should be avoided.
  • The use of Medicines that reduce immunity such as cyclosporine should be done with a lot of precautions as concomitant use can increase the risk of infections in children.
  • Other medicines containing steroids and medicines used for asthma management like salbutamol should be used cautiously.

Interactions with food items

You should avoid the intake of large amounts of grapefruits and grapefruit juice while taking Budecort Respules as it can raise the levels of budesonide in your body and lead to increased side effects.
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Storage and disposal of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules

  • Keep it in original packing
  • Keep the device tightly closed, in order to protect from moisture
  • Keep it away from light and moisture

Dosage of Budecort 0.5mg Packet Of 2ml 1*5 Respules


There are very fewer chances of overdose. Only press the button when you want to inhale. However, if you feel any kind of oral infection or adverse effects, consult your doctor quickly.

Missed a Dose

  • If you missed any dose of this medicine take it as soon as you remember
  • If it's time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dose schedule
  • Do not take a double dose of medicine to compensate for the missed one

Content Details


Dr. Arpit Verma

MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)


Dr. Ritu Budania

MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How can I avoid having oral fungal infection during the treatment with Budecort?

A: It is recommended that inhalation should be performed before meals to avoid fungal infection of the mouth, rinse your mouth after every use.

Q: I am using Budecort Respules for the first time. How should I use it?

  • Before you use Budecort Respules the first time, read the written instructions that come with it
  • Look at the diagrams carefully and be sure that you recognize all the parts of the inhaler or nebulizer
  • Ask your doctor to show you the right way to use the inhaler or nebulizer
  • Practice using the inhaler or nebulizer in front of him or her, so you are sure you are doing it the right way

Q: Can Budecort be given to children?

A: Yes, it can be used in children above 12 months of age for maintaining or controlling the symptoms of asthma as prescribed by the doctor.

Q: Can Budecort cause altered vision?

A: Yes, it can cause visual disturbance upon long term use, please consult your doctor if the problem persists. This can be an early sign of glaucoma or cataract which can happen after long term treatment with budecort.

Q: Can I give Budecort to my child who is having an asthma attack?

A: No, It is not useful for treating asthma. It is used as maintenance therapy for someone with asthma to control the symptoms of asthma. It should not be used to treat sudden asthmatic attacks.

Q: Can Budecort inhaler stop sneezing?

A: No, it does not help in controlling sneezing.

Q: Is there anything else I should be aware of while giving Budecort to my kid?

  • This medicine can impair the growth upon long term use, thus be watchful
  • If your child cates any infection such as chickenpox etc., inform your doctor

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ContainsBudesonide(0.5 Mg)
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