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Brief Description of Baby Healthcare Products

Baby Healthcare products are essential items for every parent to have that go beyond just baby food and baby diapers. From vapour rubs to vitamin supplements, these baby healthcare products help you to be prepared for those unfortunate occasions when your baby is feeling unwell.

What are Baby Healthcare Products used for

Baby Healthcare products are used as an added layer of protection for your child, whether it's a soothing balm when your baby has a cold or mosquito repellent to protect from bites. Unlike adults, babies require special formulations for vitamins and supplements as their bodies are developing quickly. Hence, similar to how baby food is meant especially for babies, baby vitamins are also created to be especially suitable and safe for young kids.

Types of Herbs Products

There are two types of Baby healthcare products, internal products and external products.

They are described as follwed:

  • Internal Baby Healthcare: These are meant to be ingested or consumed by the baby and include Vitamin supplements in the form of a droplet or capsule.
  • External Baby Healthcare: These include soothing rubs and mosquito repellent sprays that are safe to be used for young kids.

Top Baby Healthcare Brands & USPs

Chicco is a popular brand in the baby healthcare sector, they make Anti-Mosquito sprays and gels which protect children from bites while also protecting their sensitive skin. Vicks produces gentle soothing baby rubs that contain aloe vera and eucalyptus and is safe to use on infants over 3 months old. Another popular brand for Baby Healthcare products is Enterogermina, which makes probiotic tablets that can help to ease diarrhoea issues in babies. For parents who wish to improve their child's Vitamin D levels when their child has lower exposure to sunlight, Ultra D3 and Depura provide baby-safe Vitamin D drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use normal mosquito repellents for babies?

It is not recommended to use any harsh products for any infants, as products meant for adults are not suitable for young or growing kids.

At what age can I start giving my child Vitamin supplements?

Always ask your doctor before starting any new product or supplement for your child, only use baby supplements under medical supervision.

Is baby rub safe for infants?

If you are unsure about the safety of a particular rub, please check with your doctor before using it for your child.

How does Vitamin D benefit my child?

Vitamin D helps your child's body to absorb calcium. If calcium absorption is low, then bones will not grow strong no matter how much milk the child drinks.
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