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What are Lifestyle Ailments Products?

For the different types of lifestyle ailments, there are several kinds of over-the-counter products like medicines and health supplements to help improve the general lifestyle.

What are Lifestyle Ailments Products used for?

Lifestyle ailment products are used to care for respiratory, cardiac, kidney functioning, and liver functioning.

Types of Lifestyle Ailments Products

  • Diabetic Care: Products like sugar-free sweeteners, diabetic footwear, and glucometers are some of the products required by diabetic patients to improve their regular lifestyle.
  • Kidney Care: Medicinal and Ayurvedic supplements that help boost the proper functioning of the kidney, are essential for people suffering from long-term kidney disorders.
  • De-addiction: Products like nicotine tablets and nicotine patches help people fighting tobacco addiction to get rid of such unhealthy habits.
  • Respiratory Care: Face masks, cough syrups and lozenges, nasal drops and sprays, and other nutritional supplements are often used to maintain respiratory health.
  • Heart Care: Health and dietary supplements, heart rate and blood pressure monitors are used to deal with conditions of blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure fluctuations.
  • Liver Care: There are quite a few offerings of both pharmacological and Ayurvedic solutions to care for long-term and acute liver ailments available in this section.
  • Mind Wellness: To maintain the health of the brain, reduce anxiety, and aid in a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep, mind wellness products such as nervous reluctant syrups and sleep-inducing medication can be used.
  • Ortho Care: Products like wrist braces, knee caps, ankle supports, pain relief gels, sprays, and balms are quite effective when dealing with orthopaedic care issues.

Top Lifestyle Ailments Brands & USPs

Everherb, LivEasy, Himalaya, Volini, Moov, Sugar-free, Accu-chek, and several others are some of the top brands in this segment. These products help people to manage their ailment symptoms at home easily without having to rush to diagnostic labs or use powerful and expensive medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use test strips of any brand with a particular brand of glucometer?

It is recommended that you use the same brand of testing strips as your glucometer in order to get the most accurate readings of blood sugar levels.

Do mind wellness products cause excessive drowsiness?

No, only the products that are designed to induce a relaxed sleep can cause some amount of drowsiness.

Can I exceed the recommended dosage for over-the-counter kidney care medicines if I think they aren’t having much effect?

Most OTC kidney care medicines contain herbal formulas and hence they can be consumed more than the recommended dosage in some cases. However, you should always consult a doctor before doing so.

How many times can I reuse surgical face masks?

Doctor’s masks or surgical face masks help protect against suspended microbes in the air and hence should not be used more than once. These are single-use masks and it is unhealthy to use them more than once.