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What is Diabetes care?

Diabetes is a health condition where the body cannot produce enough insulin or is incompetent to use the insulin properly. The key to managing this condition is early diagnosis, proper diet, exercise and leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

Why is Diabetes care important?

The body requires insulin to keep the levels of sugar in check, regulate glucose in the blood and use this to fuel the body cells. When high levels of glucose are collected in the blood, it can potentially damage the body organs. It is important to manage your blood glucose levels, as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol. Remember, Diabetes can affect almost every part of your body. Therefore, you will need to be very careful in order to prevent the health problems related to diabetes.

Types of Diabetes care

  • Diagnosis: Regular blood tests and updated reports are important to identify your condition. There are different types of tests like Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test, Random blood sugar test, Fasting blood sugar test, that can detect your diabetes and its type.
  • After the diagnosis: Managing your diabetes needs you to regularly visit the doctor. Your doctor will take blood and urine samples periodically to check your cholesterol levels, thyroid function, liver function and kidney function in order to decide the course of treatment best suited for you.
  • Insulin and other medications: Anyone who suffers from type 1 Diabetes needs lifelong insulin therapy, either through injections or an insulin pump. The doctor may provide additional medicines too.
  • Diet: Diabetes care means counting the carbohydrate, fat and protein intake. Eating healthy food is critical and helps in managing blood sugar levels naturally.
  • Regular exercise: You must maintain a healthy weight, avoid junk foods and never skip exercising. Physical activity can lower blood sugar and must be included in your daily routine as a part of diabetes care.
  • Regular checkups: It is important to keep a record of your glucose values. You should also monitor your blood sugar levels and make note of the readings. A regular checkup with your doctor is a must and can help you manage your diabetes better.

Top Diabetes care Brands & USPs

Some of the top Diabetes care brands are LivEasy, Sugar Free, Accu-Chek,Sugar Fighter, and protinex diabetes care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Diabetes care product?

Ensuring diabetes care is one of the best Diabetes care products.

Should I keep records of my blood sugar?

Yes, you should keep records of your blood sugar levels.

What are the protein rich foods a type1 Diabetes patient should take?

Foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds are rich in protein and suitable for type 1 diabetes patients. You must consult your doctor regarding the same.

Should I take insulin before or after meals?

You should ideally take insulin after a meal or breakfast.
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