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Canesten Bottle Of 15ml Solution

15ml Skin Solution in Bottle
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Therapeutic classification

Medical Description

Canesten Solution 15ml is a solution used against fungal infections. It can be used to treat infections caused by yeasts or ringworms.

Uses of Canesten Solution 15ml

  • Canesten Solution 15ml uses include the treatment of fungal infections.
  • Athlete's foot can be treated using this solution.
  • Nappy rashes on the baby's skin can also be treated using the Canesten Solution 15ml.
  • Fungal sweat rashes and pityriasis treatment can also be done using this solution.

Contraindications of Canesten Solution 15ml

The use of Canesten Solution 15ml is not recommended if you are allergic to imidazole or to the solution itself. Scalp and nail infections are also not treated using this solution.

Side effects of Canesten Solution 15ml

  • Canesten Solution 15ml side effects may involve rashes, blistering, burning, itching and irritation at the site of application.

Precautions and Warnings of Canesten Solution 15ml


Can I apply Canesten Solution 15ml during pregnancy?
Yes, the use of Canesten Solution 15ml can be done during pregnancy. If you have any doubts, please refer to your doctor.

Breast Feeding

Can I apply Canesten Solution 15ml while breastfeeding?
It is safe to apply Canesten Solution 15ml while you are breastfeeding. In case if you are not sure of the use of Canesten Solution 15ml, then please seek help from your healthcare provider.


Can I drive if I have applied Canesten Solution 15ml?
Yes, you can drive when you have applied the Canesten Solution 15ml, except if you are experiencing any Canesten Solution 15ml side effects.


Can I consume alcohol with Canesten Solution 15ml?
Yes, consumption of alcohol can be done along with the treatment of Canesten Solution 15ml.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • Please remember that Canesten Solution 15ml is meant for external application only and should not be consumed or put in the eyes. It might cause ill effects.
  • Also, it is not recommended to have sexual contact if you have an infection on your private areas and using the Canesten Solution 15ml for treatment.

Mode of Action of Canesten Solution 15ml

How Does It Work?

Canesten Solution 15ml composition is known to bind to the molecules of the cell wall of the fungus and change its permeability. This causes the fungus cell to lose its contents and die. Canesten Solution 15ml can also interfere with the process of formation of cell wall formation in the fungus cell. Therefore, the fungus will not be able to survive.
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Directions for Use of Canesten Solution 15ml

  • Firstly, wash your hands absolutely clean.
  • Take a small amount of solution on your clean hand and apply a thin layer of it on the affected area.
  • Rewash your hands once the application is done.
  • Apply at least 2 times a day and follow any special instructions given by the doctor.

Interactions of Canesten Solution 15ml

Interactions with other medicines

Canesten Solution 15ml is not known to react with other medicines or drugs generally. It is known to reduce the efficacy of latex products. Therefore, you are recommended to depend on other methods of contraception than condoms.
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Interactions with food items

Canesten Solution 15ml composition does not interact with food.

Other general Interactions

Please ask your physician before using the Canesten Solution 15ml if you have AIDS, diabetes mellitus or any liver diseases.

Storage and disposal of Canesten Solution 15ml

Canesten Solution 15ml should be stored at cooler temperatures and areas where there is no moisture.

Dosage of Canesten Solution 15ml


Canesten Solution 15ml dosage in excess on the skin might not cause any ill effects as such. The ingestion of this solution or its accidental entry in the eye may cause problems like dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Please go to the doctor immediately if there has been excess ingestion of the Canesten Solution 15ml.
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Missed a Dose

A missed dose of Canesten Solution 15ml may cause the treatment duration to be prolonged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can the cream be used for treating infections in people of all ages?

A: Yes, the Canesten Solution 15ml can be used for people of all ages. The same dosage works well for everyone.

Q: What can I do as an adjunct to the Canesten Solution 15ml for treating my infection?

  • Make sure you wash your clothes every day separately from other's clothes to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Also, do not share your personal belongings like towels and comb with anyone. Try and wash them too regularly.
  • Make sure you wash your hands often in the day and not touch/rub/itch the infected area often.
  • Do not wear tight clothing that causes you to sweat or increase body temperature.

Q: Is it okay to use the solution even if I am unsure about the type of rash on my child's skin?

A: Please consult the paediatrician before using the Canesten Solution 15ml if you do not know the type of infection.

Q: For how long can I use the Canesten Solution 15ml before seeing any Canesten Solution 15ml side effects?

A: For the treatment process, it is advised that you use the Canesten Solution 15ml for at least 2 weeks and maximum up to a month. Canesten Solution 15ml use is not recommended if the infection is cured.

Q: What do I do if the infection is not cured even after using the Canesten Solution 15ml for over a month?

A: Please consult your healthcare provider if the infection is not cured even after regularly using the Canesten Solution 15ml for a month. They may prescribe another medicine to you.

Q: How often should I use the solution in a day?

A: You are recommended to apply the Canesten Solution 15ml 2-3 times a day with clean and dry hands.

Q: Will the use of Canesten Solution 15ml affect my fertility in the long-term?

A: Effect of Canesten Solution 15ml on fertility has not been observed in animal studies.

Q: How do I identify the ill effects of the Canesten Solution 15ml?

A: Swelling of lips, face, throat or tongue, problems while swallowing or breathing, rash, weakness, feeling dizzy or fainting are signs of a side-effect or allergic reaction. Please report to the hospital as soon as possible.
Last Updated on: 31 Jul 2020 | 07:00 PM (IST)
The information provided herein is accurate, updated and complete as per the best practices of the Company. Please note that this information should not be treated as a replacement for physical medical consultation or advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy and the completeness of the information so provided. The absence of any information and/or warning to any drug shall not be considered and assumed as an implied assurance of the Company. We do not take any responsibility for the consequences arising out of the aforementioned information and strongly recommend you for a physical consultation in case of any queries or doubts. Please click here for detailed T&C.
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