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Lidocaine / Lignocaine

Molecule Description

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic agent. It causes temporary loss of sensation on applied areas. It is available for injection to achieve local anesthesia before surgical procedures, as creams, gels and sprays for local application.
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Uses of Lidocaine / Lignocaine

  • To stop pain due to-
  • Burns
  • Insect bites
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Severe sore throats
  • Mouth and throat ulcers

Contraindications of Lidocaine / Lignocaine

When should one not use Lidocaine / Lignocaine

  • Allergy to this medicine
  • Intraventricular block (a blockage in the lower chambers of the heart)
  • Cardiogenic shock (a severe condition in which the patient’s heart is abruptly unable to pump enough blood to meet their body’s requirement)
  • Congestive Heart Failure - CHF

Side effects of Lidocaine / Lignocaine

Common side effects of this drug are:

  • Difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, neck, tongue or throat
  • Swelling or rashes
  • Itching

Precautions and Warnings of Lidocaine / Lignocaine


Can I take Lidocaine / Lignocaine during pregnancy?
It is considered safe for use during pregnancy but take medicine only if prescribed by the doctor.

Breast Feeding

Can I take Lidocaine / Lignocaine while breastfeeding?
Lidocaine can reach breast milk for a female patient but it is not seen to harm a baby. Yet, a doctor’s consultation is important before using this medicine.


Can I drive if I have consumed Lidocaine / Lignocaine?
Lidocaine may weaken your thinking or responses. It is advised not to drive unless you feel alright after taking this medicine.


Can I consume alcohol with Lidocaine / Lignocaine?
It is not recommended to consume alcohol when taking this medicine.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • This medicine may cause numbness of your tongue
  • You must take care when eating or drinking hot foods or drinks
  • Tell your doctor if-
  • You have suffered from methemoglobinemia
  • You have G6PD deficiency

Mode of Action of Lidocaine / Lignocaine

How Does It Work?

This medicine creates temporary numbness in the mucous membranes and skin by reversibly blocking the nerves when applied on an area of the body.

Interactions of Lidocaine / Lignocaine

Interactions with other medicines

  • Other anaesthetics or medicines similar to Lidocaine
  • Erythromycin, a type of antibiotic, used to treat bacterial infections
  • Itraconazole an antifungal kind of medication used to treat fungal infections
  • Antiarrhythmic medicines such as Amiodarone which are used to control abnormal heartbeats
  • Cimetidine used to treat stomach ulcers or heartburn
  • Beta-blockers used to treat heart conditions, high blood pressure or migraine
  • Calcium Chloride used for the treatment of hypocalcaemia or as a food additive
  • Codeine Phosphate used to relieve coughs

Interactions with food items

There are no indications found that Lidocaine interacts with any food.

Dosage of Lidocaine / Lignocaine


If swallowed or inhaled, the medicine can cause problems. Consult your doctor immediately.

Missed a Dose

After missing an application, apply for the next treatment according to the regular schedule — no need to double your medicine or increase the amount.

Content Details


Dr. Arpit Verma

MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)


Dr. Ritu Budania

MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can I use it on the skin of my child?

A: A qualified doctor should analyze the child’s condition and prescribe the right quantity.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally spray this medicine in my eyes?

A: If you happen to spray this medicine into your eyes, wash your eyes with water and seek medical help.
Last Updated on: 24 Dec 2020 | 01:48 PM (IST)

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