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Kamasutra Orgas Max Box Of 6 Condoms

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The Kamasutra Orgas Max composition is completely natural rubber latex, which will help you to enjoy the most intense sensation during those steamy nights. These condoms will provide a much more natural feeling to your partner. It consists of a 4-in-1 feature, which helps in enhancing the pleasure levels to a new extent. Now, you can get the pack in multiple variations, such as dotted, ribbed, climax delay and contoured. These variations help in prolonging the pleasure of orgasm.


  • It is available in a 4-in-1 feature box consisting of Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured and Climax Delay options.
  • It is made using natural rubber latex, making it long-lasting for orgasmic pleasure.
  • These condoms have the active ingredient to delay the climax and give long-lasting pleasure.
  • The unique power dots and ribs are designed to give your partner the best pleasure they ever felt.
  • The contoured fit of these condoms will offer a snug fit and with it comes a comfortable and genuine experience.
  • The condoms are 100% tested electronically against all kinds of manufacturing defects.


  • Natural rubber latex.
  • A special ingredient called Benzocaine.


The Kamasutra Orgas Max benefits you because they are perfect for a long-lasting pleasurable night. It is used as protection against any sexually transmitted diseases and makes sexual interaction more pleasurable. The packet consists of four different variations for new pleasure every time.

Directions for Use

  • Carefully peel off the packet and take the condom out without ripping it too hard.
  • Then place the condom on the erect male genital and roll it down gently. Don’t put too much pressure.
  • The rolling direction must be outside and not inside.
  • Now, squeeze the top portion of the condom before rolling it down to release any trapped air.
  • One effective way to do this is by pinching the condom’s top with one hand while rolling it down with the other.
  • After using it, dispose of the condom in the dustbin.

Safety Information

  • Condoms are designed for male usage only.
  • These are for one-time use purposes.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.
  • Make sure to read the information on labels carefully before using a condom.
  • Store the condom in a dry and cool place and away from direct sunlight.


Q1. Are these condoms sturdy?

Ans. The Kamasutra Orgas Max Condoms are pretty sturdy and can withstand pressure.

Q2. Is there any smell involved?

Ans. No, these condoms don’t have any smell to them unless you choose the flavoured versions.

Q3. Are these condoms coloured?

Ans. Yes, these condoms are pink in colour.

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