Candid Dusting Powder - 120 Gm
Candid Dusting Powder - 120 Gm
Candid Dusting Powder - 120 Gm
Candid Dusting Powder - 120 Gm

Candid Dusting Powder - 120 Gm

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During the summers, you might develop fungal infections mainly because of all that sweating due to heat. Candid Dusting Powder comes in handy while dealing with this problem. Not only does it protect you against the fungal infection, but it also provides you relief from the prickly summer heat that occurs on the neck, back and shoulders. Candid Dusting Powder is composed of Clotrimazole, an effective antifungal ingredient that annihilates the cell membranes of fungi to stop their growth.


  • Provides relief from the heat of the summer.
  • It helps in getting rid of fungal infections.
  • Helps in the prevention of itch in intimate body parts.
  • Effective in stopping the itching in the inner thighs, waistline, underarms and feet.
  • Provides treatment for skin irritation.
  • Helps prevent any type of fungal infection.


  • Clotrimazole
  • Talc I.P. base

These are the active ingredients that kill the fungi’s cell membrane, ending up stopping its growth and getting rid of the infection and its various symptoms, such as skin irritation or itching.


  • Treats fungal infection.
  • Stops itching in intimate areas.
  • Stops itching and irritation in waistline, underarms, inner thighs and feet.
  • Treats redness, rashes or swelling caused due to skin irritation.
  • Gives you relief from the prickly summer heat.
  • Treats symptoms of fungal infection such as skin irritation and itchiness.

How to Use

  • Simply dust the powder on the affected region of the skin and gently pat on that region.
  • Be extra careful while dusting near the intimate body parts.
  • Consult your doctor before applying it to children.

Safety Information

  • Contact your doctor if symptoms do not go away in a week or ten days.
  • Dry off your skin properly before applying the powder.
  • Don’t let children use it without the supervision of an adult.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if the powder causes skin irritation or itchiness.
  • Check for expiry date before using.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a dry and cool place.


Q1: What is the shelf life of this product?

Ans: This product has a shelf life of 48 months. You should check the manufacturing date at the back of the product to ensure that it has not expired.

Q2: Does it contain any harmful chemicals?

Ans: Candid Dusting Powder is composed of Clotrimazole, an active ingredient that works effectively in treating various fungal infections by annihilating the cell membrane of the fungi and is not harmful to the skin.

Q3: Does it have any side effects?

Ans: There are no side effects of Candid Dusting Powder. This Product is safe for use and helps get rid of redness, irritation or itchiness caused due to fungal infection or prickly heat of the summer. But you should be careful when a child is using this product.

Q4: What kind of fungal infections does it treat?

Ans: Clotrimazole found in this powder is a top-tier antifungal ingredient that gets rid of any type of fungal infection. It helps in treating athlete's feet, jock itch, yeast infections and ringworm.

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