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Nasal sprays help with nasal congestion, which allergies or colds can cause. Nasal sprays are effective because they help reduce the discomfort caused by running or a blocked nose..Allergies, colds and flu require treatment prescribed by a doctor. Speak to your doctor about the right type of nasal spray or drops that can help you. In that case, PharmEasy has an easy way for you to purchase nasal spray online without leaving home!Browse products and order what you need-PharmEasy will ensure doorstep delivery in no time!

What are Nasal Sprays Used for?

Nasal sprays can help in comforting your nasal irritation and congestion. These can be used along with the prescribed anti-allergic medications for the best results. The most common symptom eased by these medications is nasal congestion or stuffiness, which can be caused by inflammation in the mucous membranes of your nose.Nasal sprays work by opening up your nasal passages by reducing swelling and can help you breathe better if you're suffering from a stuffy nose.

Types of Nasal Medications

  • There are various types of medicines that can be used by a local application within the nostrils, each with its uses and benefits. Here are the most common types:
  • Ointment
  • It's applied directly to the nostrils to soothe the discomfort due to congestion.
  • Decongestant
  • A decongestant is a type of nasal spray that can help ease congestion of the nose to some extent. Nasal congestion is a common symptom of colds and allergies. It constricts blood vessels in your nose, reducing swelling and making breathing easier.
  • Antiallergic nasal sprays are another type of nasal spray used to manage allergies or congestion caused by colds, flu, or other respiratory illnesses. They block histamine receptors in your body, which prevent histamine from binding with them and causing symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose.
  • Saline Spray
  • Nasal saline sprays help reduce dryness in the nose caused by colds or allergies by adding moisture back into your nostrils. Saline nasal sprays are often used as a first step when dealing with colds because they're typically safe to use for more than one day.

Top Brands and USPs

Below are the best nasal sprays in India that you can find online at PharmEasy at an affordable price:Liveasy Wellness Nasal SprayLivEasy Wellness Nasal Spray can help unclog your nose so you can breathe more easily. This nasal spray acts locally on the lining of the nasal cavity to offer short-term relief from irritation and congestion of the nose. Duonase Nasal SprayDuonase Nasal Spray helps ease symptoms of allergic rhinitis, a condition marked by symptoms such as a runny nose, itching, and congestion.Nasivion Nasal SprayNasivion Nasal Spray is a decongestant that alleviates nasal discomfort due to colds and allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Yes, saline nasal sprays can be used daily.

question 2

Temporary nose irritations, including burning and dryness, are some common side effects of nasal spray. If these effects persist or worsen after using the product for a few days, you must tell your doctor.

question 3

Yes, saline sprays are often recommended by doctors to help with sinusitis.

question 4

  • Although all nasal sprays are designed to deliver medication into the nose, the medications used in each spray type may differ. Talk to your doctor about the nasal spray suitable for your condition.
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