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The Filtra N95 mask comes in a duckbill shape and offers protection from particulates in the air as well as airborne microorganisms. The 95 number stands for its ability to block out and filter 95% of particles in the tested size range. This N95 face mask is made from materials that have no glass fibres or latex, it doesn’t cause any skin irritation even if it is worn all day long. The Filtra N95 mask is exceptionally comfortable and does not make breathing hard despite its high filtration rate.


  • Tested for 0.6 microns mean particle sizes with an efficacy of 95% and earning NIOSH approval.
  • This duckbill N95 mask retains high filtration while keeping breathing resistance low, allowing for continuous wearability for longer periods.
  • The head straps are bonded well to the mask itself, with no staples, unlike conventional masks.
  • The ergonomic duckbill shape can fit most face sizes and types, when worn tightly it ensures good protection during respiration from external pollutants and disease-causing vectors in the air.
  • A toxicant and stimulant-free polypropylene materials used in the fabrication of this safe and comfortable N95 mask, with a soft nose-foam cushion included in the mask.


Face mask with a high protection rating from surrounding particles and microorganisms.

How to Use

  • Wear the mask tightly, ensure both your mouth and nose are covered.
  • Check to make sure there are no openings or gaps between your skin and the mask edges.
  • Read about the limitations of N95 masks in various working conditions before using them in hazardous situations.

Safety information

  • Do not wash or reuse the mask.
  • Not suitable for spray painting, hazardous gases or vapours, asbestos-related work.
  • Beards and other facial hair may obstruct the mask and result in improper functioning of the mask.


Q1: Can it improve oxygen intake?

Ans: No, this mask does not provide any oxygen, it is meant to be used in a well-ventilated area.

Q2: How many masks come in the pack?

Ans: There are five Filtra N95 masks in this pack.

Q3: Can it protect from airborne diseases?

Ans: Yes, N95 masks have widely been suggested by the medical community to have some form of general protection from airborne viruses/bacteria as well as offering protection from harmful particulate matter in the air.

Q4: What is the difference between normal masks and N95 masks?

Ans: N95 masks are designed to fit the face better, while also filter more particles from the air than normal cloth or medical masks.

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