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Cremadiet Plus Relief From Constipation - 300 Gm

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Cremadiet Plus Relief from Constipation belongs to the group of 'laxatives', primarily used to help assistconstipation and indigestion. It contains Ispaghula husk, a dietary fibre. It is the seed coat obtained from the plant Plantago Ovata Forssk. Cremadiet Granules, when mixed with water, produces a gel-like substance. This health supplement gel easily passes through the digestive system and increases the water content in the stools. Cremadiet Granules further increases bowel movements and lubricates the intestine for easy passage of stools.


  • It helps in the prevention and treatment of constipation and its associated symptoms (Kabz) in the elderly, during pregnancy, patients with cardiovascular disease and patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Acts as an adjunct to diet therapy (Fibre supplement).
  • It helps in mild to moderate hypercholesterolaemia (elevated cholesterol).


  • Ispaghula Husk
  • Wheat Bran
  • Rice Bran
  • Ragi


  • It can be used whenever you need to include fibre in your diet.
  • It helps to cure constipation without causing any discomfort or unnatural urgency in passing the stools and thus, helps in regularising the elimination of stools.

How to Use

  • Dissolve the contents of Cremadiet Granules in a full glass of water or other liquids as suggested by your doctor.
  • Stir it completely and drink it right away, preferably after meals.
  • If the product is kept aside without consuming after mixing with liquid, it may become too thick. In such cases, add more liquid and drink it.

Safety Information

  • Store it below the temperature of 30°C.
  • Close the jar tightly after use.
  • Protect from light and moisture.
  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.


Q1. Is Cremadiet Plus Relief from Constipation sugar-free?

Ans: Yes, it is sugar-free and good for diabetes. 

Q2. When should I take Cremadiet Plus sugar-free fizzy orange flavour powder? 

Ans: For Adults and children above 12 years, take 1 - 2 spoonfuls at bedtime or as advised by the healthcare professional.

Q3. When should I take Cremadiet Plus Relief from Constipation powder?

Ans: Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Empty the granules in a glass of water/milk, stir it and consume immediately. Cremadiet Duo Granules is to be taken with food.

Q4. What is Cremadiet Plus Relief from Constipation powder?

Ans: Cremadiet Plus Relief from Constipation is a laxative used to help assistconstipation. It helps neutralise the acid in the stomach, regulates bowel movement, relieves constipation and reduces cholesterol levels. It also lubricates the intestine that improves the transit of stools.

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