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Liveasy Wellness Burns Cream Tube Of 20gm
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Liveasy Wellness Burns Cream Tube Of 20gm

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Any mild burn that occurs due to sun exposure or accidental contact with a hot object (during cooking or ironing your clothes) or steam or even fluids is termed as a first-degree burn. This kind of burn is very common and generally, the injury is marked by redness, swelling and stinging pain. First-degree burns are also referred to as partial-thickness burns.

A first-degree burn is a superficial burn that injures only the top skin layer. Such an injury does not require hospitalization and can be treated at home with a doctor’s advice and care.

LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream is a topical ointment that helps heal first degree burns, minor injuries and skin wounds due to a burn injury. The product contains active ingredients such as aminacrine HCL and cetrimide which have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. This helps your injured skin stay protected from infections.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides immediate relief when applied topically.
  • Contains active ingredients aminacrine and cetrimide which prevents infections.
  • Is an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial agent.
  • LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream can be used to help assistany kind of injury arising out of first-degree burns and other minor cuts and wounds.

Key Features:

  • Contains aminacrine HCL and cetrimide
  • Prevents microbial as well as bacterial infections
  • Useful for superficial burn


  • Aminacrine HCL - 0.1 g
  • Cetrimide I.P - 0.5 g
  • Emulsion base q.s. to 100 g

Recommended Usage:

  • Wash the injured part of the skin under cold water (but not ice-cold water) and let it dry up.
  • Squeeze a part of the ointment directly on the affected region in a hygienic way.
  • You can also coat a bit of the ointment on a sterile dressing at the time of the application of the cream.
  • After applying the cream, keep the injured part of the skin open and do not cover it with a bandage.
  • Do not wash/rub off the ointment with water or with a cloth.


  • Do not freeze the ointment.
  • Read the label instructions carefully before using the ointment.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep the ointment away from direct sunlight.
  • Recommended for topical use ONLY.
  • To use the product, puncture the seal of the nozzle with the pointed part of the cap.


  • Replace the cap of the ointment tightly after using it each time to prevent contamination.
  • Consult your doctor before purchasing/using LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream.
  • Meant for first-degree burns only.
  • Keep the ointment out of the reach of children.


Q1. How can I heal the burn quickly?

Ans: Aside from applying LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream regularly, you should also follow all the measures advised by your doctor. A burn injury is prone to infections, and should not be neglected.

Q2. My child got scalded, what should I do?

Ans: If your child has got scalded it is best to consult a doctor as children have more sensitive skin. The doctor will examine the injury and determine the degree of the burn.

Q3. Can I freeze the product for a more cooling sensation upon application?

Ans: You can ideally store LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream below 25°C but do not put it in a freezer.

Q4. What is the quantity of the product?

Ans: LivEasy Wellness Burns Cream comes in a 20 gm tube.

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