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Cancyt 100mg Injection

100mg Powder For Injection in Dry Vial
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Cancyt 100 MG Description

Cancyt 100 mg injection is an anti-cancer medication. Treating and managing several different types of blood cancer (leukaemia) is the primary use of the Cancyt 100 mg injection. This injection can b

e used in both adults and children. Sometimes, this medicine is used in association with other anticancer medicines as a part of chemotherapy for the treatment. It should be only used by doctors who specialise in cancer chemotherapy. The main component of this injection is Cytarabine. The mode of action of Cancyt 100 mg injections is to kill the cancer cells by preventing them from making and repairing the DNA, which is needed by the cancer cells to grow and multiply. This injection is given intravenously or into the vein by a doctor or a nurse. Rash, skin ulcer, nausea, vomiting, and hair loss are some of the common side effects of the Cancyt 100 mg injection. Your doctors may prescribe some medications for the management of some of the severe side effects of this medicine. This injection may lower the total blood count (decrease in red blood cells and white blood cells), which can increase the risk of bleeding and infections. Regular blood tests are required during this treatment. Notify the doctor if the patient is expecting or planning to conceive. Effective contraception is important to avoid pregnancy while using this injection.


Product Summary

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ContainsCytarabine(100.0 Mg)
UsesFor causing remission in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in adults, treatment of other acute leukaemias of adults and children.
Side effectsNausea, Vomiting, Hair loss, Abdominal pain, Anal ulcers, Anemia (low number of red blood cells), Decreased white blood cell count
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Uses of Cancyt 100 MG

  • As per CDSCO and USFDA, Cancyt 100 mg injection is indicated in the treatment of the following conditions.
  • For the remission of acute myeloid leukaemia (type of blood cancer) in adults
  • In the treatment of other types of acute leukaemia in adults and children.

Contraindications of Cancyt 100 MG

  • If you have a serious hypersensitive reaction to Cytarabine or other similar anti-cancer medicines. Allergies to this medicine are common. So, hypersensitivity should be checked before giving this inj...
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  • If you have any history of anaemia (low red blood cells), leucopenia (low white blood cell count), and thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) due to non-cancerous conditions (e.g. bone marrow aplasia).
  • If you are diagnosed with chemical arachnoiditis, a syndrome caused mainly by nausea, vomiting, headache and fever. If left untreated, chemical arachnoiditis may be fatal.
  • If you are diagnosed with any degenerative and toxic encephalopathies (damage or disease that affects the brain), especially after the use of methotrexate or treatment with ionising radiation.
  • If you want to give this medicine intramuscularly (IM) or into the muscle.
  • If you have an infusion reaction with symptoms such as low blood pressure, shock, or cardiac arrest.
  • If your blood tests show any changes in the total blood count after starting this injection, inform your doctor.

Side effects of Cancyt 100 MG

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hair loss
  • Abdominal pain
  • Anal ulcers
  • Anaemia (low number of red blood cells)
  • Decreased white blood cell count

Precautions and Warnings of Cancyt 100 MG



Can I take the Cancyt 100 mg injection during pregnancy?
No, Cancyt 100 mg injections should not be given to pregnant women. This medicine is known to cause harm to the foetus and even foetal death, especially if it is given in the early stages of the pregnancy. Please inform your doctor if you are pregnant before starting chemotherapy.

Breast Feeding

Can I take the Cancyt 100 mg injection while breastfeeding?
Cancyt 100 mg injection can be unsafe to use while breastfeeding. Limited data suggest that this medicine may cause toxicity to the infant. Please consult your doctor before using this medication.


Can I drive if I have taken the Cancyt 100 mg injection?
Cancyt injections do not affect driving. However, after chemotherapy, you may notice having various side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, etc. Do not drive or operate machinery in such conditions.


Can I consume alcohol with the Cancyt 100 mg injection?
No, the safety of alcohol with Cancyt 100 mg injections is not established. It is better not to have alcohol while you are going through chemotherapy.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You have a severe kidney illness.
  • You have any symptoms of infection such as fever, fatigue, chills, etc.
  • You want to conceive or plan for a pregnancy.
  • You have recently taken a live vaccination.
  • Your total blood cell count is going down.
  • You have high blood uric acid levels.
  • You are having breathing difficulties.
  • You have watery or bloody diarrhoea.
  • You have liver-related issues like jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes), raised liver function test, etc.
  • You notice any central nervous system effects like dizziness, confusion, altered levels of consciousness, epilepsy or movement abnormalities, etc.
  • You develop irritation at the site of injection.

Mode of Action of Cancyt 100 MG

How Does It Work?

Cancyt 100 mg injection contains Cytarabine as its major ingredient. Cytarabine is a type of chemotherapy medication. It works on the DNA level in the cancer cells. It prevents the making and repair...
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Directions for Use of Cancyt 100 MG

  • Cancyt injection is given to the patient in the hospital by the doctor or a nurse.
  • Do not take this injection by yourself.
  • Do not stop using this injection in the middle of the treatment.
  • Cancyt injection is given only into a vein or intravenously (IV) or subcutaneously.
  • This injection is given as an infusion.
  • Follow the instructions given by the doctor during the injection and for aftercare.
  • If you are having any breathing problems, rash, swelling, and other side effects, inform your doctor immediately.
  • Try not to take Cancyt 100 mg injection on an empty stomach, as it can worsen nausea.

Interactions of Cancyt 100 MG

Interactions with other medicines

  • Do not use 5-Fluorocytosine, an antifungal medicine, along with Cancyt 100 mg injection. The combination of these medicines has completely abolished the therapeutic effectiveness of 5-fluorocytosine.
  • Inform your doctor if you are using Digoxin, a beta-blocker (type of heart medication), while going through treatment with Cancyt 100 mg injection, as the levels of digoxin can fluctuate. Hence, monit...
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  • It is better to notify your doctor if you are using gentamicin (an antibiotic) for pneumonia before starting the chemotherapy with Cancyt 100 mg injection. The levels of gentamicin are lower, which ca...
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  • Following the treatment with this injection, all types of bacterial, viral or fungal infections are common, as this medicine lowers immunity. If you are using any other medicines that lower the immuni...
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Interactions with food items

  • Try to avoid food products that are excess in Folic Acid, such as black-eyed peas, adzuki beans, etc., as it can interfere with the effectiveness of this injection in treating blood cancer.

Storage and disposal of Cancyt 100 MG

Store Cancyt injection below 30 degrees celsius. Do not let the medicine freeze. Store them in their original container to keep them away from direct sunlight. Keep Cancyt injections away from pets an...
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Dosage of Cancyt 100 MG


In a small number of patients, an overdose of Cancyt 100 mg injections can cause bone marrow suppression along with low total blood cell count. Other less serious side effects include nausea, vomiting...
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Missed a Dose

Cancyt injection is given at a hospital by the doctor or a nurse. If you forget to go to the hospital, take it as soon as you recall. Consult your doctor if you have any confusion regarding this. Do n...
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Content Details


Dr. Varsha Parihar

MBBS, MD (Community Medicine)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can we use Cancyt 100 mg injections in children?

A: The safety and effectiveness of Cancyt injection in children and neonates of all ages are not yet established. It is sometimes given to children with certain types of leukaemia or blood cancers. The dosing of Cancyt 100 mg injections should be modified according to the age of the child.

Q: Can Cancyt 100 mg injections cause any problems with fertility?

A: There are not many fertility studies present to know if this injection causes any fertility problems. However, sometimes patients notice problems with the menstrual cycle and low sperm count after treatment with Cancyt injection. Also, these effects are noticed more when the increase in duration and dose of this medicine.

Q: Can Cancyt 100 mg injection cause excessive hair loss after treatment?

A: Cancyt 100 mg injection may cause a temporary loss of hair in some patients. Hair Loss can happen even if it is used in combination with other medicines in chemotherapy. After treatment with Cancyt injection has ended, normal hair growth should return.
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