Whisper Bindazzz Nights Xxl Plus - 6 Pads
Whisper Bindazzz Nights Xxl Plus - 6 Pads
Whisper Bindazzz Nights Xxl Plus - 6 Pads

Whisper Bindazzz Nights Xxl Plus - 6 Pads

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Using Whisper Bindazzz Nights XXL Plus Pads can help you sleep soundly at night without worrying about leaking. These Whisper Bindazzz Pads are 75 per cent longer and have a broader back than ordinary pads. They provide nearly 0% leakage. These unique sanitary pads are developed specifically for nighttime use.


  • XXL Plus design features a 60 per cent broader back for enhanced leakage protection.
  • The top cover is made of a DRI weave that absorbs liquid in seconds.
  • Heavy flow protection and five times more absorbency.
  • Has an odour neutralising mechanism.
  • It has a pleasant scent that will keep you smelling fresh all day.


  • DRI Weave
  • Adhesive


  • It's made to prevent dampness while also providing comfort throughout your period.

How to Use

  • Before you use the pad, make sure you're clean.
  • Remove the detachable paper off the pad and place it on your panties.
  • Remove the paper from the wings and stick it to the panty on both sides.
  • Use it before bedtime for a pleasant experience.
  • Wrap the used pad in a piece of paper and throw it away in the garbage.

Safety Information

  • This item is only to be used once.
  • To avoid clogging the drain, do not flush the pad down the toilet.
  • It should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Q1. Can one sleep properly after using Whisper Bindazzz Nights Pads?

Ans1. Whisper Bindazzz Nights Pads provide you with nearly 0% leakage during the night, allowing you to sleep soundly.

Q2. Will these pads help prevent odour?

Ans2. Yes, these pads have a dual-action gel that not only covers but also neutralises odour.

Q3. How often does one need to change the pads?

Ans3. That depends on the flow of your periods. Whisper Bindazzz Nights Pads is designed to provide heavy flow protection. However, it is advisable to change your pads every six hours.

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