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Romsons Nel Catheter Size Fg14 Gs1004

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The Romsons Nel Catheter in the size FG14 is a urethral catheter from the house of Romsons Scientific and Surgical Private Limited. It is specially designed for short-term bladder catheterisation via the urethra. It is generally used in hospital settings and it is a straight tube-like catheter with one hole at the side of the tip and a connector at the other end for drainage. The catheter is usually rigid or stiff to support easy insertion into the urethra. Short-term catheters are inserted several times a day, for just long enough to drain your bladder and then removed. Made of high-quality medical-grade PVC, this catheter is also compatible with catheter lubricants. It is meant for one-time use and is suitable only for intermittent catheterisation. The Romsons Nel Catheter in the size FG14 has a size of 14cm and comes in a sterile set-up, making it ready for use.


  • Intermittent Catheterisation - The Romsons Nel Catheter in the size FG14 is a short-term urethral catheter that is intended for intermittent catheterisation.
  • Medical Grade PVC - It is composed of Medical Grade PVC, which is also compatible with catheter lubricants, thereby facilitating comfortable entry into the urethra.
  • Frozen Surface Tubing - It supports super smooth catheterisation.
  • Coned Distal End - The specially designed coned distal end ensures atraumatic catheterisation.
  • Two Lateral Eyes - These support efficient drainage.
  • Radio-opaque Line - A Radio-opaque line is provided throughout the length of the catheter to allow X-Ray visualisation.
  • Universal Funnel-Shaped Connector - It facilitates easy connection to the urine bag.
  • Colour-Coded Funnel Connector - It allows easy identification of the size of the catheter.
  • The catheter is Sterile and Ready To Use.


Medical Grade PVC.


The Romsons Nel Catheter in the size FG14 is a short-term catheter used for Intermittent Catheterisation in the following circumstances:

  • During surgical procedures and post-operative care.
  • For accurate monitoring of urine output in acute illness.
  • For installation of medication directly into the bladder.
  • For providing relief from acute or chronic urinary retention.

How to Use

The catheter is to be inserted by a trained healthcare professional or you may be taught how to do so under the guidance of your doctor.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Appropriate catheter lubricant needs to be used to prevent urethral trauma or infection.
  • Keep the meatus clean and sterile.
  • Healthcare workers must decontaminate their hands and wear a new pair of clean, non-sterile gloves before manipulating a person's catheter and must decontaminate their hands after removing gloves.
  • The catheter is meant for single use only.


Q1: Can I reuse the same catheter more than once?

Ans: No, the Romsons Nel Catheter is a short-term urethral catheter and is meant for single use only. It must be discarded with proper precautions and should not be reused.

Q2: How often should the catheter be changed?

Ans: You may be advised to use the short-term catheters at regular intervals spaced evenly throughout the day or only when you feel you need the toilet.

Q3: Is a short-term catheter safe to use?

Ans: Using an intermittent catheter is easy, effective and safe. This is more beneficial than using a prolonged, continuously draining catheter because it has less risk for distended bladders or infection. It also allows you to maintain a normal, active lifestyle.

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