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Prohance D soup is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement formula for diabetics that ensures you get the right amount of calories. It has been specially formulated to give you the most appropriate distribution of proteins, carbohydrates, fibres and fats, so your body has the optimum glycaemic response. This powder is entirely sugar-free that makes sure you can manage diabetes and still have a wholesome diet. Prohance D soup is perfect both as a meal replacement and as a healthy snack.


  • Prohance D soup is a fun, easy and delicious way to manage diabetes and your lifestyle effectively.
  • The isomaltulose in Prohance D soup helps to minimize sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • Prohance D soup is an ideal solution that can regulate diabetes as well as manage weight by preventing cholesterol absorption in the stomach.
  • The low GI value of Prohance D soup due to the slow-releasing Isomaltulose promotes slow digestion. This ensures a slower rise in blood glucose levels and prevents postprandial hyperglycemia (PPHG).
  • Prohance D soup is also effective in preventing sudden spikes and falls in blood glucose levels.
  • The formula is sugar-free, lactose-free, trans-fat free and gluten-free that is specially designed to give the energy fill to diabetics.
  • It is packed with premium quality proteins, fats, dietary fibres and other nutrients that support the health of the heart and kidneys.


Maltodextrin, Sunflower seed oil (High oleic acid), Calcium caseinate, Soy protein isolate, Isomaltulose, Whey protein isolate, Rapeseed oil - low erucic acid, Mineral, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Potato starch, Gum arabic, Sunflower seed oil, Spinach powder, Antioxidants (Soya lecithin, L-Ascorbic acid, TBHQ), Carrot Powder, Dehydrated capsicum, Bitter gourd powder, Inositol, Choline bitartrate, Flavour Increaser, Thyme powder, Cumin powder, Chives flakes, Pepper black powder, Rosemary powder, Ginger powder, Colour (Curcumin), Vitamins+, L-Carnitine, Taurine, Clove powder, Asafoetida and Acidity regulator.


  • Prohance D soup is a sugar-free mixed veg soup that is specially designed to deliver high-quality nutrition for people suffering from diabetes.
  • It has the right nutritional balanced formula that works best for people with diabetes and can be used as a partial meal replacement.
  • This product controls the blood glucose levels and modulates them in a manner to delay hunger pangs.
  • It is used to fulfil the daily protein requirement.
  • It also includes monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), soluble fibres and 27 vital vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the heart.

How to Use

Add six levelled scoops or approximately 50 grams of Prohance D soup to 175 ml water in a glass or a shaker. Stir or shake continuously for one minute till the powder dissolves completely. Consume immediately for best results. Prohance D soup approximately contains 1 kcal per ml when reconstituted as directed.

Safety Information

  • Do not take an overdose.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.


Q1. Is Prohance D soup a vegetarian product?

Ans: Yes, Prohance D soup is a vegetarian product.

Q2. Can Prohance D soup have any side effects?

Ans: Prohance D soup can cause side effects in people with allergies to the ingredients. It is recommended to stop using the product if you face any discomfort whilw using the product. In case the symptoms are adverse, persistent or progressively worsening, consult a healthcare professional.

Q3. Can Prohance D soup have any contraindications with other medicines or herbal therapies?

Ans: Prohance D soup can have some contraindications with other nutritional supplements, herbal products or prescription medicines that you are taking. Consult your doctor before starting to use Prohance D soup.

Q4. Can Prohance D soup be consumed by non-diabetics following a low-calorie diet?

Ans: Yes, Prohance D soup can be consumed by non-diabetics following a low-calorie diet.

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