Lifree Slim Absorb Pants Xl -10 Pants

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If the care receiver is mobile, then the lifree absorbent pants are perfect to be used. These absorbent pants are similar to underpants which can be pulled up and pulled down easily. These diapers are supported with a flexible waistband which makes the wearing process easier. Adults who qualify the mobility levels between 1-3 should wear lifree absorbent pants.

Key Features:

  • The pant style diapers are manufactured with a soft and comfortable material which is absorbent in nature.
  • The high leg gathers of pant style diapers provide a comfortable side fitting which helps in preventing side leakage. Adults can stay active without worrying about wetting the garments.
  • With the support of a stretchable and soft waistband, it becomes easier for adults to wear and remove the diapers as and when required.
  • Lifree pants have smooth leg passage which allows foot to pass easily without toe getting stuck while wearing the diaper
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