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Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean - Soft

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Colgate 360 Whole Mouth Clean Toothbrush offers you a first-class experience with its unique cleaner on the back and gentle bristles. It makes sure your inner cheeks are being scrubbed gently as you brush your teeth. Doing that allows the Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean to get rid of odour-causing germs. The bristles are tapered and the cleaning tip is raised so plaque and other debris get removed from your mouth easily. It also comes with rubber polishing cups that assist in removing the surface stains gently.


  • Comes with multi-functioning bristles that clean between your teeth and along your gum line.
  • Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean removes 96% more germs than an ordinary toothbrush.
  • Works as a cheek and tongue cleaner for removing odour-causing germs.
  • Equipped with a raised cleaning tip so you can easily reach around and between your back teeth.
  • Rubber polishing cups assist in the removal of surface stains.


  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Rubber


  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Keeps your gums, cheeks and tongue healthy.
  • Removing bad breath causing germs.

How to Use

  • Lubricate your Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean with water.
  • Apply a generous amount of toothpaste.
  • Place the brush at a 45° angle along your gum line.
  • Move Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean in a back and forth motion.
  • Repeat the same for each side of the teeth.
  • Make sure to brush each tooth’s surface.
  • Keep using the back and forth technique.
  • Move on to the top of your tooth and brush.
  • Keep brushing for at least 2 minutes.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to get rid of bad breath causing bacteria.

Safety Information

  • Store Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not brush too hard and near your gums to avoid bleeding.
  • Replace it when the bristles become worn out.
  • Make it stand upright to air dry so that bacteria does not survive.


Q 1. How long can you use Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean?

Ans: Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean can be used for 3-6 months. After this duration, it is recommended to change your toothbrush and get a new one. You may also replace it earlier if the bristles get worn out.

Q 2. Can you buy this toothbrush for children?

Ans: No, Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean is meant for adults only. You can get a small toothbrush for your children.

Q 3. Why is it recommended to keep the toothbrush in an upright position?

Ans: When you rinse your Colgate Toothbrush 360 Whole Mouth Clean, make sure you place it upright. This allows it to air-dry. Many bacteria cannot survive on dry bristles, which is why you should never keep your toothbrush wet.

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