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Brief Description of Herbs Products

Herbs have been used since ancient times and even today the benefits of Herbs and Herbal products cannot be overlooked. With a combination of traditional knowledge and modern research, Ayurvedic Herbs today have proven to offer a variety of health benefits. Many herbal products are created in the form of tablets, capsules or liquid form to cover a wide range of health issues.

What are Herbs Products used for

Mixed Herbs products contain a well-crafted mix of herbs and are often targeted at supplementing nutrients in diet or helping to deal with certain ailments. Some Herbs products contain a potent mix to help deal with low-blood pressure while others focus on boosting your natural immunity. Most Herbs products are created with 100% Ayurvedic ingredients.

Types of Herbs Products

Herbs products are of 3 types: Tablets, Powders and Liquids.

They are described as followed:

  • Herbs Tablets: These come in a capsule or tablet form and are usually taken with water.
  • Herbs Powders: Herbs Powders are usually added to water or other beverages to provide healthy nutritional value.
  • Herbs Liquids: These are normally in juice or syrup form and can be taken directly or in the case of extracts, they are usually meant to be diluted in water.

Top Herbs Brands & USPs

EverHerb is one of the most prominent brands regarding Ayurvedic Herbs and boasts of immunity-boosting tablets as well as Vitamin C boosting herbal supplements. Similarly, Himalaya has a very long history of creating Ayurvedic products targeted at specific issues like the Hajood Joints Health tablets and Bael Digestion capsules. Zandu and Biogetica are also well-known brands producing herbal solutions for many ailments as well as improving health and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products vegetarian?

Yes, herbal products are always 100% vegetarian and Ayurvedic safe.

Can Herbs help to gain weight?

In general, no, these products are not meant for helping people to gain weight. But some Herbs tablets can help to deal with other weight management issues like appetite management.

Can children take Herbs products?

In many cases children can safely consume these products, however, always read the instructions printed on the specific product and always take your doctor's advice.

Is it scientific?

Lately, more and more research is being done into the benefits of traditional medicine such as Ayurvedic herbs. So far, the results are promising and show that many herbal solutions have real scientific benefits to health, however, more research is required.
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