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What is a Condom?

A condom is one of the simplest contraceptive devices people can use these days. It is a simple rubber pouch that is worn over the penis to prevent the sperm from going inside the vagina. There are usually two types of condoms, the men’s condom and the ladies condom.

What is a Condom used for?

Several famous condom brands advertise different uses for their condom but scientifically, the only two uses of a condom are to protect from sexually transmitted diseases and as a means of birth control or contraception. This is one of the main reasons why the condom cost in India has been highly reasonable so that it can both act as a means of population control as well as help prevent STDs like AIDS.

Types of Condoms

There are usually 4 types of condoms based on the material they are made out of.

These are

  • Latex condom: The most common type of condom, these are sold by all the condom brands in India and everywhere else.
  • Polyurethane condom: These are made of a type of plastic and are usually used by people with latex allergies and are somewhat uncommon among condom brands.
  • Polyisoprene condom: One of the best substitutes for latex condoms, it is made from a synthetic form of latex and is considered better than the previous type.
  • Lambskin condom: This type of condom is made from lamb intestines and has certain pores similar to human skin so it can be good as a contraceptive but does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Other types of condoms

These material types may greatly vary depending upon the condom price.

These are

  • Lubricated condom
  • Spermicide-coated condom
  • Textured condom (like a dotted condom)

Top Condom Brands

Some of the best condom brands in India are those that provide both protection against STDs as well as high accuracy contraception.

These are

  • Kamasutra Condom - One of the best condom in India, they come in different flavours like the chocolate condom and the strawberry condom.
  • Manforce Condom - They come in a compact condom packet form with one of the lowest condom prices in India.
  • Durex Condom - Considered a very good brand for the best dotted condom in India.
  • Moods Condom - It is also one of the best quality condoms in India known for the highest protection against STDs.

Other condom brands

There are several other condom brands in India like Skore and Kohinoor that also have similar unique selling points and offerings for Indian consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of lubricant can I use for condoms?

You should always use a water-based lubricant and never oil-based as it could cause a latex condom to break.

What makes condoms safe for contraception?

Most condoms are coated with small amounts of spermicide like Nonoxynol-9 which kills sperms to some extent and helps prevent pregnancy.

What to check when buying condoms?

You should always check for the expiration date.

What is the accuracy rate for preventing pregnancy?

Condoms are only 98% accurate in preventing pregnancy.

What to watch out for when using condoms?

Watch out whether you have latex sensitivity or other contact allergies, in which case it’s better to use polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms.
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