Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm
Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm

Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy - 400 Gm

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What makes Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy a top-of-the-line product is that it is an exotic blend of Sundarban honey and tulsi, which is distinct in taste, colour, flavour and texture. Rich in antioxidants, the Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy is also an assured immunity booster. The 100% filtered honey is a vegetarian product that you can use as a substitute for sugar.

The honey is supremely pure and each batch goes to German labs for rigorous testing procedures. Clinically tested and free from any impurities, it is a product that you would not want to miss.


  • The pure quality honey is an immunity booster and helps guard your body against any disease and germs.
  • It helps in aiding weight-associated problems and managing them.
  • Used as a healthy alternative to sugar.
  • Lends a nourished look to both your hair and skin.
  • Used as a remedy for cough and cold.
  • Packed with enzymes and essential minerals, it offers an array of nutritional benefits.
  • Contains no added sugar or any forms of adulteration.


  • Zandu Pure Honey is the perfect solution to your weight-related issues.
  • It is a remedy for your ongoing cough and cold problems.
  • Use it as an alternative to sugar for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

How to Use

  • You can use the product as desired; either consume the thick delicious honey directly or use it in your cereals, milk, green tea to make the food and beverage scrumptious.

Safety Information

  • Keep the jar of honey away from sunlight; store it in a cool place.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Before consuming the filtered honey, read through the product details thoroughly.


Q 1. Does the product contain any chemicals?

Ans. The honey is extracted from the Sundarbans, which makes it entirely pure and effective.

Q 2. What are the benefits of Zandu Pure Honey Squ-Easy?

Ans. The honey can promote the body’s immunity, aid in weight management and treat cough and cold.

Q 3. How can one use the Zandu Pure Honey as a part of the daily diet?

Ans. You can consume the honey by mixing it in a glass of warm water at the start of your day. Make your breakfast healthy by adding honey to your cereals. Complete your day with a cup of coffee or milk topped with Zandu Pure Honey.

Q 4. Does the Zandu Pure Honey have any flavour?

Ans. Yes, the honey has a mild tulsi flavour.

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