Vwash Wow Ultra Thin Size L Sanitary Pads Pack Of 48 (Packs Of 3x16)

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The VWash Wow Ultra thin sanitary pads are ideal for days of medium and heavy flow. When using these ultra thin napkins, you do not need to worry about discomfort or leakage. The napkins have been designed with multiple layers which quickly absorb liquid and transform it into a gel, thus preventing any leakage or staining. The topmost layer is a comfortable and high-quality material, ensuring that your skin is protected from any irritation or rashes. You will not feel wet at all when using these sanitary pads. These pads are large and come with wings that effectively secure the pad ensuring, that it does not move when worn. The VWash Wow pads also have odour lock technology, which will keep you smelling fresh all day.


  • Comfortable sanitary pads that offer protection on days of medium and heavy flow.
  • The surface features an advanced funnel design that locks fluid and prevents leakage.
  • The napkin has multiple safety channels as well as a dual absorbent core which prevents any staining.
  • The dual absorbent layer is made of an SAP layer which ensures 100% absorption of liquid. Once the layer absorbs liquid, SAP turns it into a gel and thus preventing any leakage.
  • Its surface is covered with high-quality fabric keeping you dry and preventing any rashes or skin irritation.
  • The odour lock feature prevents a bad smell.
  • Pack of 3 with 16 VWash Wow pads in one pack.


  • Provides protection from leakage on days of medium to heavy flow.
  • Quite comfortable on the skin and stain proof.

How to Use

  • Remove the paper from the bottom of the pad and stick it on your underwear. Press the pad to stick it properly.
  • Remove paper from the wings and secure it properly.
  • Put on your underwear and enjoy hours of protection and comfort.

Safety Information

  • For one-time use only.
  • Do not use more than the recommended hours.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from children’s reach.


Q1: What is the size of these VWash sanitary napkins?

Ans: These VWash Wow sanitary pads are a size large and are also available in regular and XL.

Q2. How many sanitary napkins are there in this pack?

Ans: This is a pack of 3 with 16 VWash Wow sanitary napkins in each. Pack of 16 and 30 pads are also available.

Q3. Are there any variants available in this brand?

Ans: Yes, apart from VWash Wow Ultra thin size sanitary napkins, VWash Wow Maxi pads are also available.

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