Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream - 30g
Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream - 30g

Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream - 30g

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Acute injury in the muscle requires reduced blood flow to the injured area so that inflammation is less and the brain receives zero signal of the pain. Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream is very effective and is designed to provide you with instant relief from pain related to muscle injury, sprain in the muscle, joint pain and muscular trauma. When applied, it blocks the signals of pain to the brain. Since the brain cannot receive the pain signals, it does not make the body feel pain at all. Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream helps mask the pain effectively with a combination of pain reliever and cooling ingredients.


  • Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream aids in providing quick relief in pain in the case of minor muscle spasms, sprains and soreness.
  • This pain reliever is highly effective as it provides a cooling sensation to the affected area, gives instant relief and soothes the affected area.
  • One of the main ingredients in Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream composition is Mahanarayan oil, which is a fantastic ingredient for relieving pain whether it be from soreness, muscle aches or bruises. It can also be used to treat tendonitis or arthritis.
  • Another ingredient is Erand Oil which prevents inflammation related to acute and chronic diseases as seen in rheumatic arthritis and other joint-related disorders, muscles and the rest of the body.
  • It comes in a travel-friendly tube of 30gm.


  • Mahanarayan Oil
  • Nilgiri Oil
  • Nirgundi Oil
  • Erand Oil


Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream is used for the treatment of muscle stiffness, muscle pain, minor aches and sprains. Due to the combined action of all the natural ingredients, this cream kills pain immediately and reduces swelling at the affected site.

How to Use

  • Make sure the affected area has no open wounds or cuts.
  • Apply the cream generously to the affected area.
  • Feel an instant sensation of coolness on the applied area.
  • Apply as and when required as per the advice of a registered medical practitioner.

Safety Information

  • This cream is not to be used for self-medication, treatment or as a substitution for another medicine.
  • Keep away from the reach of small children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Read the label carefully before use.


Q1. Will there be a burning sensation in the applied area?

Ans. Yes, there will be a mild burning sensation in the applied area post-application. However, this burning sensation is temporary and it will go away as the cream settles on the affected area.

Q2. How does Nilgiri oil as an ingredient help in reducing pain?

Ans. The anti-inflammatory property of Nilgiri oil, also known as Eucalyptus oil, helps to soothe pain in rheumatism and other relief from muscle and joint aches.

Q3. Can Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream be used by kids?

Ans. Vasu Dazzle Cool Cream for kids is safe above the age of 15 years.

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