Pigeon Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance - 200gm
Pigeon Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance - 200gm
Pigeon Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance - 200gm
Pigeon Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance - 200gm

Pigeon Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance - 200gm

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Pigeon Baby Powder with fragrance is filled with nature's goodness and free from harmful chemicals. It does not trigger allergies, it is dermatologically tested and has a delightful fragrance. On a baby's soft skin, it is as gentle as a feather. It can be used after diaper changes, showers and when you're going outside with the little one. Not only will Pigeon Baby Powder keep your baby's skin petal-soft, but it'll leave a scent of fresh lilac and vanilla behind too.


  • Pigeon Baby Powder With Fragrance absorbs the baby's sweat and doesn't let it gather. Thus keeping the baby dry and comfortable.
  • This baby powder contains zinc oxide, which is extremely important for the protection of the baby's skin. It's non-comedogenic, which means there's no chance of breakouts and rashes happening.
  • It heals the skin from small cuts that happen during playtime as well.
  • Pigeon Baby Powder has a relaxing fragrance, which puts the baby at ease and makes them feel happy and fresh!
  • This baby powder keeps a baby’s skin rash-free.
  • Pigeon Baby Powder has a unique formulation that is pH balanced and has hypoallergenic properties. This makes it safe for the mild and gentle skin of your newborn as well.
  • The formulation of Pigeon Baby Powder has been dermatologically tested. It's the safest product for your little one out there.
  • This product does not contain any artificial colouring and harmful chemicals like sulphate and paraben. It is filled with goodness only!


  • Zinc Oxide
  • Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Rosehip Fruit Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Base
  • Olive Fruit Oil extract


This powder is a marvellous solution for rashes caused by Intertrigo or skin folding. In between the skin folds, sweat becomes trapped, leading to infections and rashes. Pigeon baby powder is good at absorbing moisture. So use it in the affected area for a non-fussy happy baby.

How to Use

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying pigeon baby powder on the baby.
  • Sprinkle some powder on your hands and apply it to their body gently and evenly.
  • Keep in mind that pigeon baby powder is recommended for external use only. So keep it away from the eyes, mouth and nose while applying.

Safety information

  • Please check the expiry date and the information on the label before using it on your child.
  • Do not exceed the prescribed dose.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • The container should be kept in a moisture-free place away from sunlight.


Q1: Is Pigeon Baby Powder only suitable for summer?

Ans: No, of course not! This baby powder can be used during all seasons to keep the tiny one happy and fresh.

Q2: Is this powder fully natural or does it contain any additives?

Ans: It is 100% natural. Pigeon cares about the well being of your child, thus there's no paraben and sulphate present.

Q3: Can Pigeon Baby Powder be applied as a head to toe product for babies?

Ans: Yes, you can. Just make sure to keep it away from their nose and mouth to prevent inhalation.

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