Pharmeasy All-In -One Vaporizer
Pharmeasy All-In -One Vaporizer
Pharmeasy All-In -One Vaporizer
Pharmeasy All-In -One Vaporizer
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Pharmeasy All-In -One Vaporizer

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PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer is made up of good quality copper wire to generate dense steam and contains 3 attachments that can be used for multiple purposes. This device can help relieve the symptoms of a common cold or the flu. It can decongest the lungs, clear away the sinuses, and aid in easier breathing and better sleep. PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer can be utilized for steam therapy that can ease headaches and sinus pain.

PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer can also be used to boost the health of facial skin. It opens up pores and unclogs them. Regular usage can be effective in preventing acne and pimples. It soothes the facial skin. Women can use this device after removing makeup and men can use it before shaving to smoothen their beard.

Uses of PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer:

  • Can be used for steam therapy
  • Effective in relieving blocked nose and congested sinuses
  • Can ease headache and sinus ache
  • Can cleanse the skin by removing accumulated dirt in pores
  • Will smoothen beard for convenience of shaving
  • Can be used for aromatherapy to rejuvenate the skin
  • Comes with 3 attachment for different purposes

Product specifications and features:

  • Comes with 3 differently sized and shaped attachments
  • Made with 100% plastic to prevent electrical shocks

Directions for use:

  • Plugin the device
  • Turn the switch on and let the coil heat up
  • Flip the switch off
  • Pour water into the container up to the mark etched on the container
  • Affix the attachment you need
  • After use, pour the water out

Safety information:

  • Use the device indoors
  • If children are using it, make sure they do it under adult supervision
  • Make sure the device is switched off when you use it
  • Keep the device standing straight while using it, to prevent spillage of hot water
  • After use, dry the device with a clean towel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When should I use PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer?
Ans: PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer can be of huge help when you’ve caught a cold or sinusitis. Steam can decongest your nose and sinuses, and bring instant relief from the symptoms of these illnesses. You will be able to sleep better at night.

Q2: Can I use PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer for cosmetic purposes?
Ans: Using steam therapy can give anyone clear and healthy skin. Steam expands pores and dislodges the dirt and grime. This can prevent acne.

Q3: Can PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer be used for aromatherapy?
Ans: After heating the device and pouring in some water, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Breathe in the steam containing extracts of the essential oil and allow it to soothe and relax your skin as well as nerves.

Q4: How do I use PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer?
Ans: Plug the device in and turn the switch on. Electricity will heat up the coil. Then switch off the device. Pour water into the main container and screw in one of the attachments. The product functions well and for a longer duration if the above guidelines are followed. This product comes under the “no exchange and no warranty” policy.

Q5: Who can use PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer?
Ans: PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer can be used by anyone. Men, women, and children can benefit from steam therapy when they catch a cold. Anyone who gets recurring pimples should use it. Women can use PharmEasy All In One Vaporizer as a healing therapy after removing makeup. Men can soften their beard/moustache with steam before shaving.

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