Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix 380g | 3 Ayurvedic Herbs & 4 Supergrains For Energy Boost | Instant Meal

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Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix is a high-fibre, protein-rich food that keeps hunger pangs at bay. The mix contains power-packed ingredients, which are really essential for growth and nourishment. The meal can be prepared quickly; thus, an excellent option for those who need a nutritious meal in minimal time. The various herbs, vegetables and oils added to the mix make the meal tastier, fulfilling the needs of a healthy and delicious meal. One serving of the Kapiva Mix is equivalent to other energy-boosting substitutes like almonds, milk and pistachios.


  • The meal is a rich source of B1, B2, B3 vitamins and helps in rejuvenating the body and mind.
  • The ayurvedic ingredients in the meal helps in boosting the immune system and relaxing the body.
  • It consists of nutritious and power-packed grains, adding an extra crunch and flavour to the meal.
  • The Supergrain Mix is a perfect source for an instant energy boost.
  • This super easy-to-make recipe contains 1.8x higher protein and 1.5x higher fibre compared to other snacking options.


  • Oats (69%)
  • Green Gram (5%)
  • Ragi (3%)
  • Amaranth (3%)
  • Ashwagandha (855mg)
  • Noni (570 gm)
  • Spirulina (19 mg)
  • Various herbs and added flavours


  • An excellent source for boosting energy and nutritional levels.
  • It’s a high-fibre and protein-rich snack, a much healthier option than fast-food snacks.
  • Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix works as a great snacking option for kids.

How to Use

  • Empty one sachet of Kapiva Masala Supergrain and mix it in a pan (for stove) or bowl (for microwave).
  • Measure water till the dotted line on the pouch and pour into the vessel.
  • Heat it and allow it to cook for 3 minutes. Garnish with your favourite herbs and serve it hot.

Safety Information

  • Store it in a cool, dry place.
  • The Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix composition contains mustard and peanut; hence individuals allergic to it must be extra cautious.
  • The mixture may contain traces of gluten.


Q1. Are there any artificial preservatives added to Kapiva Supergrain Mix?

Ans: No, the mix is free from artificial preservatives.

Q2. Can peanut-allergic individuals consume the Kapiva Mix?

Ans: Individuals allergic to peanuts and mustard must avoid their consumption.

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