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Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake is a nutritional drink for children of 7 years or more. It provides essential nutrition to improve the growth and development of kids. This vitamin and protein-rich powder work as a powerful energy source. Because of its tasty chocolate flavour, children tend to like it. The Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake contents do not contain white sugar, trans fat, empty fillers, sucrose and maltodextrin. 


  • The Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake comes with 1.81 times more protein than other nutrition shakes and it has 25 crucial vitamins and minerals to provide balanced nutrition.
  • It boosts the child's growth, development and enriches concentration levels and problem-solving skills.
  • With its unique mixture of herbs, superfoods and natural ingredients, this shake can improve your kid's memory power.
  • It enhances height growth and promotes bone health in children of 7 years or above.
  • The Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake has plenty of Vitamin A, C and E to help build a strong immunity power.
  • It acts as a brain booster and assists in enriching the immune response of the child's body to several diseases and illnesses.
  • The shake uses curcumin which is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties and this nutritional powder helps in preventing inflammation.


  • Protein Blend (Milk Protein, Soya Protein Isolate, Barley Malt Extract)
  • Sugar
  • Almond Powder

This product uses many other ayurvedic ingredients, nutrient-rich components and superfoods.


  • The Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake for kids is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients and can be used daily to meet the children's nutritional requirements.
  • It also boosts memory power, enhances bone health, strengthens immunity power, increases height and improves the child's concentration.

How to Use

  • Pour 200ml of milk into a glass.
  • Add one scoop of this shake to the glass.
  • Shake or stir the mix until it is evenly mixed.

Safety Information

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • The product is not for medicinal use.
  • Make sure not to use it if the seal is broken when you bought it.


Q1. What is the nutritional value of this shake?

Ans. A total of 100 grams of Kapiva Kids Nutrition Shake contains 428 kcal energy, 6.1g fat, 20g protein, 59g carbohydrates and 27g sugar.

Q2. Does this shake contain gluten?

Ans. No, this nutritional shake for kids is gluten-free and also does not contain added refined sugars and bulking agents.

Q3. What is the recommended daily amount of this shake?

Ans. One serving (30g) is the ideal quantity for daily use. You will get a free scoop inside the package and 1.5 scoops are equal to 30g.

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