Godrej Proclean Toilet Cleaner - 1l
Godrej Proclean Toilet Cleaner - 1l

Godrej Proclean Toilet Cleaner - 1l

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The Godrej Proclean toilet cleaner is the perfect product available in the market for cleaning the toilet properly without leaving a single speck of dirt. It acts as a cleaner and disinfectant for the bathroom, thereby ensuring no microbial growth in the toilet. Also, natural elements are present in the Godrej cleaner, like citrus, for adding fragrance to the product.

Dilute HCl is also an active ingredient that will help kill most microorganisms present in the toilet. With such benefits, the Godrej Proclean cleaner is one of the best toilet disinfectant cum cleaning solutions in the market.


  • Helps in cleaning the toilet of any form.
  • Has a thin nozzle for reaching the crevices in the toilet design.
  • Thick and highly viscous liquid for better action.
  • It acts as an antimicrobial solution for killing microbes.
  • Removes the hard stain from white-coloured toilets.
  • Keeps the bathroom safe and sanitised.
  • Makes the ambience refreshing with the citrus fragrance.
  • Has long-lasting results on the toilet.


  • 11.5% hydrochloric acid
  • Water
  • Hydroxyethyl Oleylamine
  • Alkyl trimethyl ammonium chloride
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene
  • Citrus extract


  • Godrej Proclean toilet cleaning solution removes 99.9% of germs from toilets of various kinds.
  • Use it for different kinds of toilets - both Indian and western.
  • The solution won’t harm the ceramic surface of the toilet, thereby maintaining its beauty and shine.
  • With the Godrej benefits, a citrus fragrance will be present inside the bathroom for a long time.
  • If the toilet is wall-mounted, you can also clean the underside of the exterior wall with Godrej toilet Proclean solution.

How to Use

  • First, for Godrej use, apply the cleaning liquid all over the toilet, including the crevices and folds.
  • The liquid is quite viscous. It wouldn’t flow quickly and mix with the flush system’s water.
  • Use a cleaning brush with medium-soft bristles to clean the toilet surface. To remove the hidden dirt, make sure to scrub the surface in different directions, especially the folds and creases.
  • Once done, leave the cleaning solution for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • After that wash, flush your toilet, which will automatically wipe off the entire Godrej cleaning toilet solution.
  • As for the exterior walls, you can use regular tap water to clean them.

Safety information

  • According to Godrej safety rules, make sure to keep it away from children’s use.
  • Do not use the product on floors or tiles in the bathroom.
  • You can use it in cleaning the insides of the tank.


1. How many times will I need to use the Godrej Proclean toilet cleaner?

Ans: Since the cleaning solution is quite thick and viscous, it stays longer on the surface and hence, you can use the product once a week to clean the toilet.

2. Will it remove the slipperiness from the toilet?

Ans: Yes, the Godrej cleaning solution will remove the slipperiness from the toilet surface, provided you are scrubbing it nicely and repeatedly.

3. Can I use it on the bathroom floors?

Ans: The product is for cleaning the toilets only and not the floors. Even if you apply it on the floors, the cleaning solution wouldn’t be effective.

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