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Everherb (By Pharmeasy) Kidney Protect - Promotes Healthy Urine Flow - 60 Tablets

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EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules are formulated to support kidney functioning. Kidneys are very important organs in the body. They remove the waste materials, toxins and help in balancing body fluids, electrolytes. They also produce hormones which control blood pressure, blood formation, calcium level etc. As the kidneys are one of the main organs involved in excretion, they are exposed to a lot of toxins or waste materials. If toxins accumulate in the kidney, then they can be severely damaged. This can lead to many health complications such as the build-up of fluids, high blood pressure and kidney failure. But this health supplement can detoxify kidneys and can prevent the accumulation of toxic substances.

EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules contain 8 natural ingredients that support the health of the kidneys. These capsules can prevent kidney damage and are responsible for the overall wellness of the kidney.

Key Benefits:

  • Detoxifies kidneys
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Helps in passing of kidney stones
  • Increases urine flow
  • Prevents kidney damage
  • Protects kidney against effects of toxins
  • Helps with bladder function

Key Ingredients:

  1. Bergenia ligulata: This herb, from the Himalayas is commonly known as “stone flower/stone breaker". It is famous for its ability to inhibit the formation of stones in the kidney. Bergenia is also known to help in dissolving kidney stones and show antioxidant effects.
  2. Tribulus terrestris : Tribulus is commonly known as “puncture vein” or “Gokharu ''. It shows the ability to stop the kidney stone formation and also helps in protecting the kidney cells from infection.
  3. Crataeva nurvala: It is commonly known as “Varuna''. It shows preventive effects on the formation of kidney stones and supports the dissolving of the stones. It also helps to reduce the damage caused by kidney stones and is also effective in minimizing urinary tract infections.
  4. Boerhavia diffusa: It is known as “Punarnava”, extracts of the roots of this plant increase the urination which is beneficial in kidney disorder and also in case of kidney stones. It also shows an anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Ricinus communis: Also known as castor plant. These extracts are effective against kidney stones and can reduce the risk of stone formation.
  6. Hajrul Yahood Bhasma: This is also known as “Jew stone”, a mineral medicine. It contains magnesium. Magnesium is a protective element against the kidney stones and it can inhibit the growth of kidney stones.
  7. Yavakshar: Yavakshar is a preparation made with Barley and is alkaline in nature. It increases the amount of urine. It also provides relief in case of irritation during urination.
  8. Shilajit: Extracts of shilajit act against many forms of kidney problems such as kidney or renal failure. It can also detox the kidneys by removing the excess fluid from the body.

How to take this supplement:

  • Take one capsule twice a day with water or as directed by a physician.
  • Do not take this supplement more than the stated recommended daily dose.
  • If you have liver or kidney disease, never take any supplement without consulting your doctor.


Store at room temperature (25-30°C). Protect from moisture and light. Keep the container tightly closed. Keep it out of reach of children.

Shelf life:

24 months from the date of manufacture



Frequently asked questions:

Q1. How do EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules prevent kidney damage?
Ans: EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules contain 8 hand-picked ingredients which show various activities like anti-oxidant effect, anti-inflammatory effect. One of the common causes for kidney damage is stones in the kidney. These ingredients prevent the formation of stones in the kidney and thus prevent kidney damage.

Q2. Can I take EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules every day?
Ans: Yes, it is safe to consume one capsule twice a day.

Q3. What are kidney stones? How do they damage the kidneys?
Ans: Sometimes, minerals and toxic substances present in blood, precipitate in the kidneys and form hard crystal-like structures. These are commonly known as kidney stones. These can be of various size ranges from a small sand grain to the size of a golf ball. The small size stones can easily pass through urine while the bigger stones obstruct the passage. This obstruction causes a lot of pain, inflammation and infections in the kidney which results in kidney damage. Smaller stones can be treated with medicines, however larger stones require surgical intervention.

Q4. Why do the stones form in the kidneys and how can we avoid them?
Ans: The kidney stone formation can occur in any person but some food habits, lack of water, certain medications that are used for migraine and depression, obesity and recurrent urinary tract infections can increase the risk of kidney stones. In case a person is prone to kidney stones then plenty of water should be taken(2.5L/day), foods like spinach, berries, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate should be avoided, high protein food should be avoided. You should also avoid  extra calcium supplements or high doses of Vitamin C.

Q5. How soon can I expect results?
Ans. For best results, you should consume this supplement for 60-90 days.

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