Dr. Vaidya'S Rumox | Ayurvedic Balm For Joint & Muscle Pain | 12 Gms Each (Pack Of 4)

Dr. Vaidya'S Rumox | Ayurvedic Balm For Joint & Muscle Pain | 12 Gms Each (Pack Of 4)

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The special recipe of this Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox contains six herbal ingredients famed for mitigation of pain and for reduction of redness, swelling and pain. The ayurvedic pain balm also relaxes muscles. The composition of Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox has wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, menthol, camphor which are highly useful in relieving aches and pains. Rumox works like magic for different kinds of musculoskeletal pain like neck, shoulder and back pain. Muscle soreness also gets reduced. By gently massaging the balm, one can get fast relief from the strains and sprains. The fragrance of the balm is strong yet soothing which helps in relieving headaches and blocked noses. The balm is very easy to carry and can be used on the move. The best solution for anybody who is suffering from arthritis and body pains.


  • The ingredients of Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox contains Wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, camphor, menthol which offers a soothing and warm effect at the area of the pain.
  • The balm is handy and is easy to carry.
  • Quick relief for anybody who has got arthritis and joint pain.
  • Headaches and stuffy noses get miraculously cured.
  • A remarkable remedy for musculoskeletal pains like neck, shoulder and back pain.


  • Menthol powder
  • Camphor powder
  • Thymol powder
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Wintergreen oil
  • Turpentine oil


  • The herbal ingredients offer pain relief, anti-inflammation and muscle relaxation.
  • Huge sustenance for a patient with arthritis and joint pain.
  • A wide range of ligament torments is reduced.
  • Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox Ayurvedic Balm benefits clog and cerebral pain by treating them.

Directions for Use

  • The balm needs to be rubbed evenly.
  • The application should be done in the affected area twice a day or whenever necessary.

Safety Information

  • Avoid proximity with eyes.
  • Do not give exposure to children.
  • It is meant for external use only.


Q1. Can somebody with heart disease use this balm?

Ans. No, somebody who has survived Congestive Cardiac failure or renal failure is not advised to use Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox Ayurvedic Balm. A patient with heart disease needs to consult his physician before using the balm.

Q2. Can Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox Ayurvedic Balm be used in pregnancy?

Ans. No, this ayurvedic balm should not be used in pregnancy. Pregnant women need to consult their doctor before using this balm.

Q3. Are there any side effects of Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox Ayurvedic Balm?

Ans. There are no proven side effects of Dr. Vaidya’s Rumox Ayurvedic Balm. However, people with fatal diseases for pregnant women should consult their physician before using it.

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