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Ciphands Disinfectant Spray - 300 Ml

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Cipla Ciphands Disinfectant Spray is a useful product that has an anti-microbial action. It is an effective way for instant hand and surface disinfection. This also largely prevents contamination. During the pandemic we cannot emphasize the importance of disinfectant spray, it helps kill bacteria, virus and germs on surfaces. You can have a refreshed and clean surrounding with this product, no wiping required.


  • Easy to carry surface disinfectant.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs on surfaces and objects.
  • Suitable for all surfaces.
  • No wiping required.
  • Instant action in 30 seconds.
  • It is effective against bacteria including tubercle bacillus, fungi, viruses including HBV and HIV Virus.
  • Rinse-free and non-sticky solution for complete protection against germs.
  • Superior antimicrobial action with excellent skin compatibility and emollience.


Ethanol: (95%) Ip 62%.


In our daily life we often unconsciously touch numerous surfaces such as doorknobs, car steering wheel, tables, chairs and others that may contain numerous disease-causing germs. With the new Ciphands Surface Disinfectant spray, you can be protected on the go. It is infused with instant action formulas and keeps you safe.

How to Use

  • Hold the spray bottle 15-20 cm away from the surface.
  • Spray for 3-4 seconds until covered with mist.
  • Leave it to dry and no need to wipe.

Safety information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid any physical damage.
  • Close the cap tightly after use.


1. Can I use Ciphands Disinfectant Spray on delivery packages?

Yes, delivery packages reach you after being touched by multiple hands. You must ensure that it has no germs and reaches you with the protection of Ciphands.

2. How do disinfectants kill bacteria?

Disinfectants are used to rapidly kill bacteria. They kill the bacteria by causing the proteins to become damaged and the outer layers of the bacteria cell to rupture which then becomes inactive.

3. What is the difference between antiseptic and disinfectant?

Antiseptics are usually used on the skin and prevent infections. Whereas, disinfectant is used to kill microbes present on surfaces and objects.

4. What are the available quantities of Ciphands Disinfectant Spray?

Ciphands Disinfectant Spray is available in 75ml and 220ml.

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