Cetaphil Daylong Spf 30 Pa+++, 30ml

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Cetaphil Daylong is gel-based sun protection with an SPF of 30+ that mixes seamlessly into the skin. This SPA 30 sunscreen is excellent for UVA and UVB ray protection. It shields the skin from the elements both inside and out. The oil-free, ultra-light gel fluid distributes quickly and has a nice, non-sticky feel. The gel fluid absorbs fast, leaving a matt appearance. This sunscreen for the face is excellent for everyday usage and as a make-up base.


  • This SPA 30 sunscreen is a gel-based lotion that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue on the skin.
  • Aloe vera, Vitamin E and glycerin are added to nurture the skin.
  • This SPA 30 cream comes with photostable filters that provide high UVA and UVB radiation protection.
  • This sunscreen is resistant to water and sweat.


  • Methylene bis-benzotriazole
  • Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate
  • Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate
  • Aqua
  • Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine


  • Provides increased UVA and UVB radiation protection.
  • Provides skin nourishment.
  • This SPF30 has photostable filters that provide increased UVA and UVB radiation protection.

How to Use

Follow the directions on the label or those given by your doctor.

Safety Information

  • Before using, read the label carefully.
  • Keep out of children's reach.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth.
  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.


Q1: If I'm going to be outside for 30 minutes, do I need sunscreen?

Ans: It doesn't matter what order you apply your skincare products as long as the sunscreen is at least SPF 30 sunscreen, water-resistant, broad-spectrum and applied around 15 minutes before heading outside.

Q2: Is it harmful to use sunscreen daily?

Ans: Yes, you should use sunscreen for your body daily. You're going to collect damage in the skin, leading to malignant skin lesions later in life. Even when the sky is overcast, up to 80% of the sun's rays are absorbed by your skin.

Q3: Can I use sunscreen instead of moisturiser?

Ans: Most individuals can forgo applying “regular” moisturiser during the day because most sunscreens include a hydrating base; your sunscreen should supply adequate moisture, so there's no need to put moisturiser underneath it. However, if your skin is dry, seek a daytime moisturiser with SPF sunscreen designed for dry skin.

Q4: Is it necessary to use sunscreen at night?

Ans: It’s vital to protect your skin from the sun by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock throughout the day, but you should always wash it off before going to bed and apply a night cream that’s tailored to your skin type and conditions.

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