Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners Large 48
Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners Large 48
Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners Large 48

Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners Large 48

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Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners, imported from Europe, are made with a top sheet consisting of 100% natural cotton. The organic cotton used in the panty liners is produced in ecological plantations using only environment-friendly methods. These panty liners are soft to the touch and cause no discomfort for the entire day. Its material is specially made air breathable so that it protects your sensitive areas of skin from all irritants and infections. The liners use bleached, chlorine-free cellulose in the absorbent made using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) Technology. The ultra-thin panty liners are less than 2 mm in thickness which makes them unnoticeable in clothing. Its unique anatomical shape is designed to fit all types of underwear with ease. The Bella Panty Intima range of Panty Liners come with a flower embossing on each panty liner and are perfume-free for giving your intimate skin area an irritation-free experience on every use.


  • Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners’ contents are made up of 100% natural cotton, which makes them incredibly soft and fit for use for even sensitive skin types.
  • The air breathable quality of the panty liners makes them feel fresh and dry, ensuring that there are no skin rashes and irritation.
  • Available in large size - 176 mm that provides good coverage and security against spots.
  • Panty liners will be completely unnoticeable under clothing because of being ultra-thin.
  • Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners benefit underwear by offering protection against discharge.
  • Provide comfort on the first and last days (or any other light flow days) of periods.
  • Easy to fit in any underwear type because of its anatomical shape feature.
  • Offers additional protection with tampons.
  • Dermatologically tested and non-scented protection.


  • Suitable for days you experience white discharges or light flow during periods.
  • Made for daily use.
  • Helps in offering more security and protection than the normal size panty liners.
  • Suitable for use when you want to use environment-friendly products.

How to Use

  • Take one panty liner out of the box and remove the paper stuck on its back.
  • Firmly stick the sticky side of the liner to your underwear.
  • Go on about your day and change the liner as and when required.

Safety Information

  • Keep away from children.
  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • Dispose of used liners properly.
  • Do not flush.


Q1. How are Panty Liners different from Sanitary Pads?

Ans: Bella Panty Intima Liners are a thinner and more comfortable version of sanitary pads that can be worn on days of white discharge and days with a light flow during periods.

Q2. What does the Bella Intima Panty Liners Large review say?

Ans: As per Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners reviews, they are perfect friends for you and also for the environment. You get to use an environment-friendly solution for maintaining your intimate area’s hygiene and get to enjoy comfort on every use.

Q3. Can Bella Panty Intima Panty Liners be used in pregnancy?

Ans: Pregnant women may experience heavy vaginal discharge towards the end of their pregnancy. To deal with the discharge, pregnant women may use unscented panty liners.

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