Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins - 2 Ply X 25 Pcs

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Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins is a 100% organic product made of bamboo pulp and unbleached bamboo fibres, safe for adults and children. They are Non-GMO Certified and US-FDA and EU-AP Certified products. The organic napkins are highly absorbent and sustainable alternatives to all the chemical-based and paper tissue napkins. The goodness of natural bamboo-based napkins is what you need for healthy and refreshed skin. They also come in handy for travel hygiene, office use and serving napkins for dining tables.


  • The product is super soft, absorbent and chemical-free. 
  • The pure bamboo-based product, free of bleach and allergens, is safe for children and pets. 
  • The usage of bamboo pulp makes the product 100% compostable leading to less environmental waste. 
  • The 2 Ply Premium Quality Napkins are multipurpose soft napkins, convenient to store and easy to carry.


100% Natural Bamboo Pulp, without any addition of extra chemicals


  • Cleaning face or removal of face make-up.
  • Dining table napkins.
  • For office and travel use.
  • Skincare for pregnant women and babies.
  • Hand napkins in bathrooms.

How to Use

  • Keep the Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins in a cool and dry place to avoid direct moisture contact.
  • Use the napkins as required for different purposes.
  • Replace the contents when empty.

Safety information

  • Read the product handling instructions carefully mentioned on the label before use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure to the product.
  • Store the contents in a clean and dry container or Beco Bambooee Serving Napkins box under room temperature.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children.


Q1. Can I use the napkins for oily skin types?

Ans. Yes, the napkins are 100% natural, safe and allergen-free, suitable for all different skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Q2. Are these napkins completely biodegradable?

Ans. Totally! Beco Bambooee Napkins are fully biodegradable products. Go for it.

Q3. Can one use the napkins for baby skincare?

Ans. Yes, the Beco Bambooee napkins are gentle and smooth on the delicate baby skin for wiping hands, feet and even baby bottoms.

Q4. What is the difference between Beco napkins and ordinary napkins?

Ans. Beco ensures all our products are 100% natural, biodegradable and bamboo-based. Ordinary napkins are tree-based paper products that lead to deforestation and also disposal issues due to added chemicals. 

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