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What is a mask?

Masks have begun to be used quite a lot during the recent pandemic. This personal protective equipment (PPE) is usually made of a double lining cloth that helps to protect against the virus which is transmitted through water droplets coming out of the mouth. They can be easily worn over the face such that it covers the nose and mouth of a person. Some of these face masks are disposable while others are reusable. For the purpose of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people prefer disposable variation.

What is a mask used for?

Masks are used for several purposes. Some people use face masks to protect themselves from the rising levels of pollution in the air. The suspended polluting particles in the air often cause allergies and thus people wear masks to prevent such allergies. Doctors and nurses wear this protective equipment inside the hospital to prevent contracting infectious diseases from their patients. However, in recent times, masks have become mandatory for everyone to prevent contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Different types of masks

  • Buying masks online can be quite difficult because there are a wide variety of brands and types to select from, beginning with N95 to PM2.5. The different types of face masks that are available online...
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Some of the top mask brands

While searching online for appropriate PPE for your face, you will come across several famous brands that sell the best masks for corona. Some of the best quality products that are available for sale that you can find online are from famous apparel brands. Look at the list below to select the masks that may suit your needs:

Types of masks

  • N95 masks
  • Bodyguard masks
  • Savlon masks
  • Dettol masks

Best masks

These are some of the best masks online that are crafted by some famous apparel brands to cater to the need for immense shortfall of such PPE during this global health crisis. Most of these brands also offer size variations for kids to help protect the little ones from this deadly virus. To buy from these brands that make the best masks in India, all you need to do is look them up online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are N95 masks washable?

This depends on the type and design of the N95 mask. Some of them can be washed as it is while for others, the middle filter needs to be removed first. Some types of masks cannot be washed and are purely single use.

What are the best masks for Corona?

The World Health Organisation advises that the N95 respirator masks are best for Corona.

How long can I use a surgical mask?

Surgical masks are single-use only and must be discarded after a single continuous use.

How many times can I wash a cloth mask?

Different brands offer different types of cloth mask that can be washed from 30 to 100 times after which they should be discarded.

How to choose a comfortable and breathable mask?

It is important to select a lightweight mask to ensure good protection as well as comfort and breathability, especially during summers.
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